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5 Best 12000 Watt Generator Reviews – (2022 Update)

Generators are useful for many reasons. They fuel the lights, electronics, security system, water pump, furnace blower, and many other things. A 12000-watt generator can run the whole house. Again, you can use it for running all the appliances in your RV at the same time, as a backup for your electricity-run business, or use it at a construction site. You may find many brands and various product specifications in the 12k watt generators. But not all of them are top-notch!

As you’re hunting for the best 12000 watt generator, you must be looking for something that gives continuous power without failing a bit. Hence, we’ve listed the top five 12k watt generators and reviewed them below.

Even though every product has top ratings, the DuroMax XP12000EH Portable Dual Fuel Generator is the best of the best. Go, have a look and pick the one that suits your preference.

Top 5 Best 12000 Watt Generator on The Market

It can get confusing for you to find and compare different 12,000-watt generators by yourself. That is why we have selected some quality generators from the market. Let’s have an in-depth analysis of them!

  1. DuroMax XP12000EH Portable Dual Fuel Generator
  2. Pulsar G12KBN Portable Dual Fuel Generator 
  3. All Power America APGG12000GL Dual Fuel Portable Generator
  4. Westinghouse WGen12000 Ultra Duty Portable Generator
  5. A-iPower SUA12000E 12,000-Watt Gasoline Generator

1. DuroMax- Best 12000 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator


First, it is a renowned DuroMax! The DuroMax XP12000eh is a heavy-duty multi-fuel whole house generator that can easily power your entire house within seconds. Let’s find out the details.

Power: As you know it is a 12,000-watt generator at starting but it gives you a9500-watt constant output. During outages, this extreme power twist-lock outlet can run your whole house with a complete set of electronic goods. From lights and air conditioners to refrigerators, microwave ovens, and PC, you will be able to run almost everything in your house. So, from a power standpoint, this is highly efficient.

Engine Type: The engine type is another determined by which you can measure and compare the quality of the generator. It comes with a massive 18HP 457cc OHV DuroMax dual fuel generator engine that can power up your devices fast. 

Fuel Type: As it houses both Gasoline, Propane tank fueling mechanisms, you have the flexibility to choose between the two. This can be a suitable option in periods of time of fuel price hikes. if the price of gas goes up, then you can turn to propane and vice versa.

Tank Size: Better tank size allows you to store more fuel. With the large 8.3-gallon fuel tank capacity, you can easily store up enough for a longer output duration.

Runtime: When the electricity goes out because of hurricanes or heavy flooding, it can take days for your local authority to get the power back. Here, DuroMax XP12000eh backs you up with up to 8 hours at 50% load on the gas tank and similar 8 hours on the propane tank with fuel. This should give you at least 1 day with minimum consumption, and you should get your grid back within this period.

Controlling System: The control panels house one 120/240V 50A outlet, two 120V 20A GFCI regular outlets, Voltmeter, low oil shutdown sensor, and DC charging port.

Starting Mechanism: It houses both electric start and recoil. This lets you try the other if one is not working.

Decibel Rating: The decibel rating for this beast is 72DB, although noisy but shouldn’t be considered loud given the power it produces. You’d find many 12,000 watt portable generators which are non-EPA and CARB Compliant certified and their running watts low. But fortunately, this Duromax isn’t their team.

Portability: This dual fuel portable generator has two tires fix on the front side and paired with handles at the back, makes it workable for you to move it to your desired locations

Weight: A generator of this class should naturally be a heavy-duty frame. The weight comes close to 224 pounds.

Warranty: DuroMax has a 3-year warranty for parts for residential users. They limit the time to 1 year for commercial use.


  • 12000 Running watts and 9500 Constant Watts
  • 120/240V 50A heavy duty outlet
  • Large Fuel Tank Size
  • Offers a Longer Runtime
  • Dual Fuel Technology Gives Added Flexibility
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty


  • Too Heavy
  • C-Panel Could’ve Had More Regular 220 Outlets

2. Pulsar G12KBN Review- Best 12k Watt Portable Generator

Pulsar G12KBN

Second, comes the Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator with its outstanding matte black finishing. Let’s find out what this heavy-duty 12,000-watt portable generator has in store for you.

Power: This device offers you 12000 peaks and 9500 Rated Watts power generators. You can use the high 12000 peak watts to start heavily demanding electronic equipment such as air conditioners or pumps and other high-powered devices. While with the rated 9500 watts, you should be able to run almost anything in your 3 bedroom house. So, the maximum power output is good enough!

Engine Type: It comes with a 457cc, 4 strokes OHV(An overhead valve) engine. Powerful engines get heated quickly, and overheating can cause serious issues. That is why the engine comes with an air cooler attached to it. It will keep the engine cool while making sure a standard flow of electricity is maintained.

Fuel Type: Like the first one, this, too, comes with a quality 12,000-watt dual fuel model support system. With Gasoline and LPG you will have the flexibility to choose from the two. So, the possibility of running power out of fuel during the fuel crisis is low.

Tank Size:  Pulsar G12KBN comes with a large 8-gallon fuel tank. It is large rough to accommodate a substantial amount of fuel for a long backup.

Runtime: One amazing thing to note is the tank capacity of the two generators discussed is the same, but the way longer with Pulsar G12kKBN. And its 12 hours of run time in general. This goes to show that the power consumption rate is lower, which would help you reduce fuel costs.

Control Panel: The best thing about this is that you’re getting 4 regular 120 AC Voltage outlets. Further, you can use a 120v 30a twist lock or a 240V 30a twist-lock outlet, and one 12 Voltage DC output is also there.

Starting Mechanism: It has electric start button features so not the hassle of pulling wires or anything like that.

Noise Levels: You know this Pulsar is featured as a portable version of generators and 12000 watts, noise levels quite enough compared to the same sizes other generators.

Portability: For better portability, you have two wheels attached to the font size. You can use the handles to move it to the places you want. The rubberized portion of the handle will let you grip it firmly.

Weight: This high-powered device comes in at an astounding 209 pounds weight. You should have a firm upper body to move it.

Warranty: It comes with a limited 1-year warranty. They focus the warranty offered on particular parts, so we recommend you clarify the whole procedure with the manufacturer beforehand.


  • Powerful 4 Stroke Engine
  • 120/240v 30a twist-lock outlet
  • 12,000 running watts at peak and 9500 Rated Wattage
  • Easy Electric Start Feature
  • Houses 4 Regular AC Load Outlets for Convenience


  • Noise Level Can be an Issue

3. All Power America- Electric Start 12000W Dual Fuel Generator

All Power America APGG12000GL

Third, it is the APG1200GL by All Power America. Time to find out the key elements it comes with.

Power: The power output situation is different here with this device. It offers you 12000 Surge watts, and 9000 rated watts on Gasoline. While you get 9500 peak watts and 7250 rated if you’re on propane. There is a range of options in terms of what it can run. A two-bedroom apartment with a refrigerator, microwave, tv, a couple of lights, and a pump; you can run all these with the power you’re getting from it.

Engine: This is powerful with an 18HP 459cc OHV engine. The good thing about the engine is that an air cooler is also attached to the engine, which will reduce the heat produced during operation.

Fuel Sources: This too, gives you the room to use multiple types of fuel. It supports both Gasoline and Propane, but the wattage output differs from each fuel type.

Tank Size: This dual fuel portable generator comes with a large fuel tank. The tank capacity is 8 gallons; you should be able to store a considerable amount of fuel.

Runtime: The runtime offered with this is good. It gives you up to 10 hours of power backup on a 50% load. As the power outage occurs, you should be able to withstand 1 day time until the grid power comes back.

Control House: Here too, you get 4 regular AC 120V outlets, one 120 Volt twist-lock, and a 12V DC outlet. The c-panel also features an hour meter.

Starting Mechanism: A generator with electric start feature is easier than this dual fuel generator engine starting.

Decibel: With 76DB (Decibels of noise), it is louder than the other portable generators of the same sizes.

Portability: It has two plastic-made wheels for a better portability experience. The handles come in handy, making movements more comfortable.

Weight: In weight, it is also heavier than the other generators of this size, this 230 pounds massive device would require a strong individual to move.

Warranty: Although no warranty information is explicitly mentioned, we do, though, suggest the customers contact All Power America individually for valid warranty information before purchase.

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  • Extreme Power Outlets
  • 9,500 running watts
  • 18HP Engine Power
  • Large Tank Size
  • Up To 10 Hours at 50% load


  • Extremely Heavy
  • Wheels are Made of Plastic

4. Westinghouse– Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen12000

Next up is the Westinghouse WGEN12000. If you’re looking for the best 12k watt dual fuel portable generator, this is something that you should try out. Let’s learn about the various features it comes with.

Power: This is the most proper 12,000-watt generator we discussed until now. Why is that? It is hard to find a generator that gives 12000 watts regularly. Most of them provide 12000 peak wattage, which is like a surge to kick-start heavy equipment. But here comes the WGEN1200 with 15000 peak watts and 12000 Rated wattages. We don’t think there is anything in your house that can’t run. A three-bedroom house can easily be tackled during outages by this beast!

Engine: The engine type is something that also sets it apart from other generators. The ultra-duty 713cc OHV engine comes with an automatic low oil shutdown mechanism enabled.

Fuel Type: Although heavily powerful with a super-strong engine, this generator comes with only one fuel option. You do not get to use propane on it and have to run it on Gasoline.

Tank Size: The tank size is enormous. You get to store up to 10.5 gallons of fuel for a longer service. It also comes equipped with a fuel gauge so you can always observe and refill fuel before it depletes.

Runtime: It will give 11 long hour period of time at 50% load. This should increase to over 1 day time at the minimum usage.

Decibel Rating: It has a 74 DB decibel rating. This is loud, but comparing the high output, it provides the rate is quite good.

Main Panel: You get the regular 120v-20r outlets, one 120V L5- 30r twist-lock outlet, and two 5V USB ports you can use to charge smartphones or tabs.

Starting Mechanism: A large array of options is available in terms of starting this machine. You begin with e remote key fob from wherever you want (but has to be inside the supported distance). Then you get the regular electric push and finally the recoil is there too, just in case you need it.

Portability: To aid you in moving this machine, you’re never getting a flat heavy-duty generators wheel. The handles with extra grip would make the job even more comfortable.

Weight: Despite the heavy electricity output, the weight is still low comparatively with 192 lbs.

Warranty: You’re getting along with a 3-year warranty. They also provide you with lifetime technical support on this.

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  • Rated 12000 Wattage Generation
  • Large 10 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Longer Runtime
  • Never flat Tires Provides Better Portability
  • 3 Years Limited Warranty


  • Only Allows Single Fuel Support

5. A-iPower SUA12000E Review- Best 12000 Watt Gasoline Generator


It is the A-iPower’s SUA12000E that we will end our discussion. Let’s have a quick look at the various features it comes with.

Power: Engine Power is the main focus of any generator you talk about. It offers 12000 watts of power as starting watts and 9000 rated watts.

This should easily run a small apartment with a television, computer, lights, and other small electronic equipment.

Engine Type: The machine runs with a strong 16 HP 459CC OHV engine power.

Fuel Support: It only supports Gasoline fuel type. So it can be an issue during the fuel crisis and price hike as it restricts you to a single fuel.

Tank Size: The tank size is smaller for a machine of this scale. The heavy-duty all-steel fuel tank can accommodate 7.0 gallons of fuel.

Runtime Duration: Despite the small tank, it offers excellent service time. It will give you 9 hours of power back up on 50% usage.

Decibel Rating: All the devices we have mentioned are loud to a certain extent. But it outperforms them in terms of noise production by little with 78DB (decibels of noise level).

Controlling Panel: You have the regular AC outlets, DC port, USB, and comes with DC chagrin cables. Gfci protected outlets save you from water and dust from getting inside.

Starting Mechanism: It has both an electric start feature and recoil for easy use.

Portability: Never flat tires with folded U-shaped handle give you all the comfort to make it move wherever you want. The handle also has a portion in the middle designed for good grip.

Weight: The weight of this is measured around 206 pounds.

Warranty: A-iPower provides you a 2-year warranty for residential use and 1 year on commercial. We think it is better if you discuss the terms and conditions of the warranty with the manufacturer beforehand.

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  • 12000 Surge running watts and 9000 Rated Power
  • Long runtime
  • Outlet Protected from Water or Dust
  • Easy Electric Push Start


  • Restricted to Only One Fuel Type
  • A bit Heavy

Buying Guide to Get the Best 12,000 Watt Generator

Searching out the best 12000 watt portable generators from the market isn’t easy. Because you’ll be bombarded with thousands of choices if you go around the market to get a quality power backup system for your house. This is where the quality inspection guidelines come up. We have researched the products and found out key issues that you should always keep in mind before buying a generator.

Let’s look at some of those criteria that you must adhere to before purchase.

Rated VS Peak Watt

Most of the time, you’d notice the manufacturers are mentioning two specific numbers, one for peak and another for rated. Here is what you should understand. The peak electricity output is something that you get for a little while; it won’t last long. It is mainly used to kick-start certain electrical equipment, which needs an immense amount of power to start.

The rated wattage, on the other hand, is the continuous supply of electric output. If you want a 12,000-watt generator always to run a large 3 or 4 bedroom house, then try getting power backups that promise you 12k Rated wattage instead of a peak.

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Outages are frequent during hurricanes and other large-scale natural disasters. Sometimes the damaged power lines take days to get fixed. This can be a serious issue as we are heavily dependent on electricity in almost all our daily activities. That is why the more runtime you get, the better it is for you.

If you get a device that provides 11-12 horse power of runtime with 50% load, we think you can go 2 days with the minimum load easily, and the grid should be back up by that time.

We also recommend that you inspect and find generators with large fuel tanks and lower consumption rates. These two aspects have to go hand in hand, and a large tank will provide more fuel capacity while a low fuel consumption rate will eat up less fuel and deliver more power. It will increase your machine runtime and lower the cost that is spent behind it.

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Fuel Type

What kind of fuel is supported is another key aspect while you’re looking for 12000-watt generators. It can either have single fuel support or double. It is always better to go for devices that support multiple fuels. It will help if one sort of fuel is not unavailable, you can easily go for the other one and vice versa. Similarly, it is cost-effective, too, as you can choose the cheaper one among the two as your primary propellant.

Noise Production

Noise is a serious issue if you’re speaking about generators. Because of this, they have a measurement system in place, which gives you some understanding regarding the sound each machine would produce. This is called the decibel rating and presented with ‘DB’ behind the number.

So, your goal would be to get the generator that has the lowest decibel rating. In that way, you will get generators with lower noise pollution.

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Weight is perhaps the awful thing about these powerful devices. Most of the generators mentioned are heavy. So, better it is for you to go for one that is the least heavy. It will make transportation easier.

Portable Attachments

As generators at this size and scale are bound to be weighty, they should have attachments that can make movements easier. Most of the machines discussed here have some portability features such as wheel kits and handles. But we’re looking for quality in these particular instruments.

For example, it is always best to have wheels that never go flat. So, find the ones with never-flat wheel kits, which will ensure your safety from any unnecessary issues later on. Best if you can get rubber wheels instead of plastic, as it may not give you the traction required to pull that heavy thing.

Finally, make sure the handles have some easy gripping technique, whether plastic or rubber. If you make sure of these couple of things, it would be easier for you to move this heavy machinery from one place to another.


It is best to buy generators with warranty offers. As being electric equipment, it can be prone to wear and tear. Further, tiny issues in internal mechanics can render it not working. You then will have to go through a strenuous servicing process that will take your time, cause added worry, and cost you money.

Warranty, in this case, backs you up.

Warranty procedures can vary from product to product. Some offer full warranty, and some offer limited parts warranty. Some products have warranty features, but the manufacturer perhaps did not mention them. We’d recommend you discuss the actual warranty terms and conditions with the manufacturer to avoid future disagreements.

Control Panel

The Control panel is the area where the outlets are situated. Many control panel has unique outlets yet lacks in regular AC 120 outlets. Try getting generators that have more regular AC 120 outlets. The fuel gauge is important too as it lets you monitor the fuel level and helps you decide whether you should buy backup fuel. USB and Twist Lock outlets are essential as well. So make sure you have all these features on the control panel.

These are all the requirements that your generators should fulfill. Make sure they have these particular features installed in them. We are positive that you’d be able to purchase a quality piece of equipment following the guidelines mentioned above.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Will a 12000-watt generator run a house?

Surely it will! I should run a large 3 bedroom house with ease.

How many amps does a 12KW generator deliver?

Usually, a 12KW generator delivers 100 amps.

How much fuel is needed to run these machines?

Usually, the average gasoline tank size is 8 gallons, and you can go like 12 hours on a 50% load. So, 16 gallons should be enough for one day and 60-70 gallons of Gasoline to last you a week.

How long is the run time for a 12000-watt generator?

It depends on its fuel consumption rate. Usually, 12000-watt generators last up to 12 hours on 8-gallon fuel. The run time increases as you continue putting in more gas.

What is This Size Generator Used For?

These are quite large and power-hungry generators. You can get this if you have a large 3-4 bedroom apartment that you want to run during outages, or you may get it for a small-scale commercial backup system.

What Will a 12,000 Watt Generator Run?

A 12000-watt generator can power almost anything in your house. Starting from LED bulbs, washing machines, refrigerators to the air conditioner, microwave oven, and other electronic devices.

How Much Should You Spend on a Generator?

Generator prices can vary. From $500 to $10000, you can find generators within this large price range. Having a powerful and reasonable price for the 12000-watt generator costs you $800 to $1200 at max.

Which Generator brand is best for you?

Duromax, Westinghouse are the best 12,000-watt generators manufacturer in the current market. besides that Honda and Yamaha are also good options.

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Final Words

The way natural disasters are increasing every day, it is getting almost compulsory for our households to have individual power backup systems installed. Other self-powering mechanisms such as solar and wind are also on the rise. It can also become a highly serious issue if a natural; disaster occurs during a large-scale pandemic which is going on right now. On the whole, we have to be prepared for any sort of emergency always.

Apart from storing dry goods, electricity is something that is of extreme importance. So, it is not a choice anymore; rather, it has become a basic need. So, get your best 12000 watt generators today and be prepared for any type of cataclysmic event always!

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