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Best 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverters in 2022 [Updated]

Stepping out of your house for a couple of days and worried that you won’t survive a day without the abundance of electronic and remote control devices that are a part of your life now? We feel you!

We hardly have the freedom of not using our electric appliances and electrical devices anymore. But if you’re traveling, it isn’t possible to carry your home grid along! For scenarios like those and scenarios like power cuts, disaster attacks, blackouts, and more, you need power inverters. Well, not just any inverter; but those who can handle your sensitive electric device (like a laptop, laser printer, phone) as well as your regular home appliance (like a toaster, hairdryer).

For this, we studied the best 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter in terms of efficiency, power, voltage, safety protection, price range, an excellent choice, and other concerns, to let you pick that which suits you best.

5 Best 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverters Review & Buying Guides

Here is a list of our top 5 pure sine inverters:

  1. GoWISE Power 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
  2. WZRELB 3000watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  3. Renogy 700W 12V Pure Sine Wave off GRID Solar Home Use Inverter
  4. Voltworks Store Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  5. AIMS Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 1000 Watt

1. GoWISE- Best 2000 Watt Inverter with Pure Sine Wave

If you’re ever in need of an electronic product that could give you a jolt of a power surge and look for 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter reviews, this inverter model from Gowise has terrific surge output of 4000W. However, you will get a continual run of 2000 wattage from it.

We absolutely loved it because of the 5-option safety feature that protects the inverter, the user, and the mechanisms using 5 kinds of protection systems installed in it. They include thermal protection and low-high and under voltage protections.

You can use anything starting car audio equipment to electronic equipment and sensitive tools with this sine inverter. The inverter terminals are good enough, and it has an LED display as well. It has a harmonic distortion of less than 3 percent, meaning lesser frequency discrepancies. Also, it has a warranty for after-sale protections.


  • Comes with great safety features.
  • Has a temperature control system to ensure efficiency and lesser power wastage.
  • USB ports allow charging of battery chargers and small devices.
  • Great to use laptops with.
  • Can power multiple small and medium devices at the same time.


  • Some users experienced difficulty with powering electronic appliances as the wattage wasn’t living up to the claims.

2. WZRELB- Best 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

For those of you who can’t as hard as understanding sine wave inverters and look for 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter reviews, this one comes with a manual. When you are off-grid or face power cuts, a continual run of 3000W and a surge power availability of 6000 is quite fancy, and this is also the highest we are going on our list today.

Many users say that their sine inverters can’t take the load the manufacturers advertise off. But with this one, you can’t be too quick to judge because it comes with an immensely thick PCB that amplifies the inverter’s load capacity.

This increases the reliability of the sine inverter model in terms of its performance. The real copper inductive load and premium MOSFETs also add to the performance enhancement of the model. A built-in digital display (LED Display) indicators make it easier for you to locate the situation on your sine inverter easily too.


  • Can power Air Conditioners and a refrigerator at the same time on RV.
  • Great workmanship.
  • The durable model is intended to last long if used properly.
  • Great heavy-duty use pure sine inverter that can run an assortment of a small, medium, and large electrical appliances.


  • A little power drain happens after the transfer switch shuts down.

3. Renogy 1000W inverter reviewBest Off Grid Solar Inverter

Renogy 1000W inverter review

The perfect blend of low distortion and harmonious waveforms, this pure sine inverter from Renogy, is a favorite to many. It comes with decent enough overload protection and overvoltage/Under voltage to protect the device from excessive current flow.

This is also multifaceted, like the previous ones. So in terms of safety, this is maybe one of the best ones out there if you are talking about the layers of protection that some other solar inverter models are adding. It is good enough.

It also comes with LED displays on which you can see the issues of short circuit protection or any overload or overvoltage happening.

To keep the device from overheating, there is high-speed ventilation going on inside the inverter, which decreases wastage and increases device efficiency. You also hear less to no noises when you’re dealing with this sine inverter.


  • Doesn’t push so much air and is very less noisy.
  • Can run well pumps.
  • Has a perfect remote switch.
  • Great protection offerings.


  • Hardware terminals are not really versatile in terms of wire sizing.

4. Voltworks- Best 1500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Do you want more than the standard outlet numbers on the 1500 watt inverter? If yes, then you have here 3 AC Power outlets along with 2 USB ports in this inverter model. Powering anything from your TV to car vacuum to fridges, this RV inverter performs well in any situation where AC is needed.

A very convenient/handy feature added to this inverter is the fifteen-foot remote option that lets you control the inverter from a distance. Also, when your inverter is running in the protection mode, the LCD display on the inverter shows all possible options, of how or high voltage and overload of current to warn you of circumstances.

There is also a double-aluminum housing on the model, so when it faces bumps or drops, the inner components remain safe and steady. The built-in cooling fan on the sine inverter keeps it “ultra-silent.”

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  • Can run devices such as battery power drills, and fans all at once.
  • Large devices like fridges can be powered seamlessly.
  • Great to pair with solar panels.
  • Excellent & high-quality inverter.
  • Great for outdoor camping to power devices.
  • Has plugging issues.


  • Runs very quietly.

5. AIMS- Best 1000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

AIMS Inverters- powered with a soft start technology, this is meant to give you the smoothest start on your sine inverter. You usually get a continual run of 1000W on it and a surge possibility of 2000W on the device. There are a total of 9 protections offered in this, including low voltage, low and high voltage alarm, cooling fan, overload, over-temperature protection, high voltage, short circuit protection, internal fuse, and an isolated ground neutral option.

It is great for running small to medium electrical appliances, with the latter having less possibility with an increase in sizes. You also get LCD display options, USB ports, and remote switches.


  • No groaning of sounds.
  • Easy to install once you make the purchase.
  • Amps with small, gradual loads.
  • Continually maintains the 12V.
  • The energy-efficient model that shuts down on overcurrent load.


  • No way of mounting.

Buying guide to get the Best 2000 Watt Inverters

You need to consider the following things to buy the best pure sine power inverters:


You will have to look at the wattage of the inverter you are going to purchase and the appliances you will be powering with your inverter. Whether individual appliances or combined, the wattage requirements of your devices will determine the least wattage level of your inverter.

Again, your inverter wattage is necessary to detect how many appliances it can power at a time, what is its best, and what are your future powering options.


There are two kinds of power you will find in your inverter: continual and surge power output. Continual is what wattage your inverter will be running on, and is essential to know how many devices you can power at a time. On the other hand, the surge output power is the best it can go to for a couple of minutes. If you are powering motor-driven devices, it will be essential to know your sine inverter’s surge power.


If you need something portable or that which you can carry along with you, you will need the best pure sine wave inverter for RV. Again, your inverter may be fixed in position in your off-grid home. Your inverter may also be a combiner of the grid and solar energy, what then? You need to identify your inverter’s use before you buy it.


The voltage will actually differ according to what are the country standards for the electrical outlets. These two are usually a match, and in the US, it is 120V. If the voltage is fixed, you will need more current for more watts.

Fault Protection

You should ensure that your inverter can protect from current overload, voltage overload, and overheating as part of the three major faults.

Thermal Shutdown

The inverter should be able to run itself off when it is overheated. Make sure that it has a particular temperature cut-off point to protect devices and lives.

Over Load Protection

The emergency power supply has to stop when the power exceeds your inverter. You will need to keep a check that the inverter you are buying remains shut down till the overload is neutralized for safety.

Over-voltage Protection

It should be able to turn itself off when the voltage is too low or too high to prevent voltage shutdown.


What if you want to charge small gadgets with your sine inverters? A USB port or two can be a handy option to have on the inverter. But remember that they will be drawing out the same output current as the others, so keep an eye out.


A great addition that you can look for in your inverter that can help tremendously in inverter troubleshooting is an LCD display. But be careful about this additional feature as it may increase the total inverter price. For complicated inverters, this is totally worth it.

Air Compressor

Having air compressors in your inverters makes it easier for you to do stuff like tire pumping. If you have a portable inverter that you are using for most options, why not add this handy one too?

Solar Connection

Some inverters may have solar charging options, while some may not. If you want the former, be sure to check for it beforehand.

Output Types of Inverters

There are two AC outlets in any standard inverter as the ones mentioned in our list. About USM charging ports, we have already mentioned.


The efficiency rating of your inverter will help you find out how much of the fuel used will go to waste with your product. The lesser the efficiency of your inverter, the more power consumption on running appliances. A minimum of eighty percent is necessary to make sure that you have an efficient one. At all costs, you would want your inverter to lose less heat and use the power in running machines than being wasted.

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What is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

pure sine wave graph

You may have heard of this when talking of the solar power system at your home. The devices or appliances that you use these days are made to run in compatibility with pure sine wave inverters.

These inverters are devices that change the form of current from AC to DC. The transformation of electricity happens in its fuel cells or lithium-ion batteries, so it does not technically “create” current or store it for delivery. You usually see the transformation happening in gradual peaks as the alternation takes place.

What is a Modified Sine Wave Inverter?

As you know, the original sine wave is very well-replicated in DC to AC inverters. To make this happen, waves had to be taken above and below zero volts, like the pure sine wave curves. Somehow, this high and low had to be maintained throughout the transformation of current, and as such, the first inverters created by manufacturers had straight high and lows in their voltages, which created block-like signals. These were the modified sine waves.

So, what is a modified sine wave inverter? It is a device where you have random swaps between positive and reverse polarity protection. A sequence of multiple steps in a modified inverter allows a good replication of original sine waves. It is usually a cost-cutter for you, but not a lot of modern appliances play well with its waveform.

How Do The Pure Sine Wave Inverters Work?

The DC/AC conversion in a pure sine wave inverter happens in three steps: Oscillation, Boost, and Transform. It happens in the following procedure:


The inverter uses an integrated circuit to generate oscillation in the first phase. For this, the resultant voltage peaks (either positive or negative) are produced. You get a fixed number of positive peaks per second. But these aren’t strong enough to power the appliances or result in strong enough continuous power output. So it is time for the amplifier to take charge.


The amplifiers here provide the necessary boost to the AC in the sine wave inverter. Using secondary winding, the inverter sets up the oscillation pulses from the first stage to be boosted and raised above the level where you’ll call them powerful inverters.


Lastly, the low-power AC voltage is raised enough to power the devices you wish to power them with!

Pure Sine Wave Inverters vs. Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Here’s a chart to help you compare faster as to which inverter is which:

Pure Sine Wave InvertersModified Sine Wave Inverters
You can operate any kind of sensitive appliance using pure sine wave inverters.You can only run simple appliances using a modified sine wave inverter as it uses a much more basic technology than pure sine wave inverters.
These are suitable for appliances having or requiring a high waveform.These aren’t so suitable with modern, contemporary appliances. However, they can run regular household appliances like TV, light bulbs, printers, etc.
There is little harmonic distortion here.There is more harmonic distortion here.
They allow motors to start easily as they have a high surge power output.
You will find them exceeding their power rating if and when needed.
Almost any electric and electronic devices operate well with it.Not all devices work well with a modified sine wave inverter.
It is more expensive.It is more cost-effective.

Hence, our verdict is that you should go for pure sine wave inverters. This is because, although you will pay more price, it will be safer for any appliances of any loads and there will not be confusion as to if it will damage your device.

Also, this gives you a smoother and better replica of your home current, so powering using these would be hassle-free.

Why You Should Use A Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

As you noticed, we added a new word in the differences, which was a harmonic distortion.

These are the discrepancies in the output frequency and input, which result in the inefficiency of the inverters. This issue is usually attributed to modified sine-wave inverters and, consequently, is one of the reasons why pure sine inverters are better, as they have less of this distortion. As such, pure sine inverters experience less reduction in power and less overheating.

Other reasons include:

  1. The power supplied by a pure sine inverter is similar to the one provided by your home grid and offers a low harmonic distortion or discrepancy of input/output frequency.
  2. Devices have no chance of being damaged due to them, although modified sine wave inverters may damage them.
  3. When power flows through these inverters, they do not create any unwanted noise or buzz.
  4. These help to run the product efficiently and users experience lesser power failures, and devices wear out.
  5. The devices will not be overheated when used under pure sine wave inverters.
  6. It may cost more, but the benefits in the short and long run outweigh the high price compared to modified inverters, which have a history of power cuts and inefficiency.

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What brand makes the best inverters?

Other than the ones mentioned here, a lot of brands perform well depending on what you want from your inverter. If budget is your goal, Duracell is great. If you’re going to use it for heavy-duty reasons, Energizer performs well. Dewalt, Cobra, and Stanley are good performers too.

What are the merits of using a pure sine wave inverter?

If you don’t prefer noisy inverters, you can switch to pure sine ones. This is also great for running heavy-load options like microwaves and motors faster and cooler than other inverters.

Which of the devices in my house need pure sine waves?

Any sensitive electric or electronic items that you own that you think may suffer from any other inverter can be run decently with a pure one. Appliances such as laptops, laser prints, and medical equipment, and internal computers may need pure sine inverters.

If I get a modified sine wave inverter, will it damage my electronics?

Unless your electrical equipment uses AC motors or is fragile medical equipment that needs intensive caring, a modified sine wave inverter will not damage most appliances. However, be cautious if you plan to use any of the two mentioned with a modified inverter.

How am I supposed to know if a sine wave is a pure one?

To identify if your inverter is pure, simply run an appliance or a motor first with your own regular output voltage. Now use the inverter in question with your appliance. If the sound emitted is the same or almost the same, you have a pure sine one. If it sounds harsh or noisy, yours isn’t a pure sine inverter.

Final word

And that brings us to the closure on the best 2000 watt pure sine wave inverters! The learning curve of everything associated with these may come off as steep at first sight, but once you get the hang of it, you will understand how these help you step out from the regular home grid to an efficient option when you need it most.

If money isn’t a big factor in your budget and expectations from inverters, we suggest you only go for pure sine power inverters.

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