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5 Best Air Compressor For Barber Shop in 2022

If you have a barber station, you already know all its tools and equipment are saviors. Besides other equipment, you’ll need one or more air compressors, depending on your necessity.

Like if you need air compressors just for hair coloring, then two or three portable compressors will go perfectly with your shop.

But if you want a central compressor that’ll run all your equipment and cover more duty, one massive air compressor will be enough. But the complication appears when you have to choose your necessity from a huge collection.

To make things easier, we bring you a list of the best air compressor for barber shop to ensure the quality and best implementation. Now let’s see which one suits your shop the most according to your preferences.

Quick Summaries

“A heavy-duty professional compressor is perfect for every user. From fine details to overspray, it can be used anywhere.”

“The compressor is less noisy, gives a calm and peaceful work experience.”

“It’s a 1/5 HP air compressor that can deliver 23 to 25-liter airflow per minute with 0.8 cfm air pressure.”

“A cordless air compressor that runs on a rechargeable battery, and takes only 1.5 hours to get fully charged, which lasts for almost 60 minutes.”

“A very small and lightweight air compressor that is only 1.3 pounds can easily be fitted into the palm, famous for its tiny appearance.”

5 Best Air Compressor For Barber Shop (In-Depth Review)

It’s always challenging to settle down for the suitable one. But we made it easier for you as we shortlisted the compressors based on durability, performance, volume, and other initial facts. Let’s roll in.

1. Master Airbrush Cool Runner Dual Fan Air Tank Compressor

Master Airbrush Cool Runner

If you’re seeking the best air compressor for barber shop, nothing will go better than this Master Airbrush, as this professional masterpiece works equally to a heavy-duty compressor. Not only that, but also it’s best for both the experts and the beginners.

This powerful single-piston compressor comes with a gravity airbrush kit and three different-sized tips like 0.5, 0.3, and 0.2mm that let you spray fine details. It’s perfect for temporary tattoos, nail art, makeup, cosmetics, or other purposes.

The master airbrush compressor also features two cooling fans that help it stay cool for long and allow you to use it continuously without overheating.

Its 3-liter large air storage tank offers continuous air pressure, and a 1/3 oz liquid fluid cup ensures you get flawless liquid flow. So in total, you are getting an uninterrupted working experience like you ever desired.

You can even adjust the pressure by pulling out the black knob attached to the regulator then rotating it to the right or left.

Make sure the compressor, hose, and airbrush are connected and are in a running mood to make the gauge work.


  • Suitable for both experts and beginners
  • Can be used for different purposes
  • Features an airbrush and three tips for flawless spraying
  • Has a regulator to adjust the pressure.


  • Non-portable and a little complex.

2. VIVOHOME 110-120V Professional

VIVOHOME 110-120V Professional Airbrushing Paint System

When a professional air compressor is your choice, you shouldn’t miss the chance to have this VIVOHOME 110-120V. This professional equipment is among the best barber shop air compressor available in the market. Why? Let’s have a look at the details.

This powerful compressor can deliver 23 to 25-liter airflow per minute with 0.8 cfm air pressure which means the compressor is flawless at its work, and your work won’t get hampered.

A better thing about the compressor is that it doesn’t get overheated easily. It immediately stops when the temperature is about to rise high. So there is no wonder that you can use it as long as you want.

Otherwise, there is a fan inside the compressor to control the heat. You can even control the fan. Basically, the compressor vibrates a little bit while working, but that won’t bother you as the anti-slip base won’t let the airbrush slip from your hand.

This masterpiece can be used for different purposes such as nail art, temporary tattoos, cosmetics even for crafting and cake decorating.

Additionally, you are getting three beautiful airbrush kits, so in the case of spraying hair color or tanning, or nail painting, you won’t have to pay for a separate airbrush to finish your job. You can use any of them according to your needs.

Also, the Vivohome compressor is less noisy than any other heavy-duty compressor. It only creates 47 dB, which is quite impressive for working peacefully.


  • Comes with three airbrush sets, so you don’t need to buy them separately.
  • Ensures flawless airflow.
  • Less noisy than any other corded compressors.
  • Comes with a fan inside to control the temperature.


  • Need to purchase an airbrush separately.

3. Roadtec Airbrush Kit with Air Compressor

Roadtec Airbrush Kit with Air Compressor

Not everyone is comfortable with a heavy corded air compressor. Instead, some want a small portable Compressor that is handy and easy to use. For those, this Roadtec Airbrush kit with an air compressor will go best.

This is the best cordless air compressor for barbers as this mini air compressor ensures the perfect airflow incapacity.

Also, maintaining this little piece is way easier. This Roadtec compressor does model coloring, tattoo, nail art, makeup, and other small duty works very neatly.

Generally, other compressors give only 12 to 15 psi with 6 L, but in this compressor, the airflow reaches up to 6.5 to 8L, and the pressure goes high up to 15 to 20 psi which is perfect for doing spray tanning, temporary tattoo, and other small jobs.

Also, the piece comes with three head caps so you can work easily. At the top, there is a 1/3 ounce gravity fluid cup and a trigger to help you control the device. No headache for heavy installation as it comes all packed.

For faster charging, a type c fast charging port will be there with the compressor and a battery indicator to tell you when you need to recharge your device. Not only that, it even vibrates to warn you about the low battery.


  • Doesn’t come with a cord, so it can be easily moved and shifted.
  • Easy to charge and operate.
  • Has a battery indicator to warn about the charge.
  • A Multipurpose device.


  • Need to charge very often

4. Super Quiet Mini Airbrush Compressor

Super Quiet Mini Airbrush Compressor

If you prefer a peaceful workstation, you’ll find the best quiet air compressors for barber shop on the list, which is none other than the Super Quiet Mini airbrush compressor. This is a corded air compressor that creates less noise so you can have a quiet place to work in.

This piece is made for light-duty applications like makeup, tanning, temporary tattoos, nail art, or craft paint.

Though it’s a corded compressor, the adjustable size, and lightweight, which is not more than 1.3 pounds, make it a great thing to carry.

The device is so small that it fits into your palm easily. Also, it has a maximum of 15 psi air pressure and offers 13 liters of air delivery per minute, which is enough to run a barber station.

But one problem with this compressor is that you won’t get an airbrush with it. So you’ll need to buy it separately. Otherwise, the device is superb.

The compressor is effortless to use; just push the button and set the flow to low, medium, or high. There’s a wall plug-in adaptor with the compressor, which will help you to charge faster.


  • Small, therefore, can be carried anywhere.
  • Extremely light.
  • Perfect for light-duty application.
  • Best for a peaceful environment.


  • Airbrush doesn’t come with the piece.

5. I-BEAUTEE 27PSI Airbrush Kit

I-BEAUTEE 27PSI Airbrush Kit, Rechargeable Cordless Airbrush Compressor,

A heavy corded air compressor can turn into a bothersome object while every time you have to use it connecting a hose without moving freely.

So for those who would like to have a cordless, lightweight air compressor for their workstation, this I-BEAUTEE 27PSI Airbrush Compressor will be the perfect one.

This is a teeny-tiny, portable airbrush compressor perfect to do makeup, nail art, facial care, temporary tattoos, model painting, and so on. It has a small trigger at the top, which needs to be pushed to start the compressor; the air will only come out.

Pulling the trigger backward will spray the liquid out, and after using it, release the trigger to turn the device off.

With a 1.5 hour charge, you can work easily for 60 minutes. The compressor has a type c charging port for fast charging, a battery indicator to show how long you can use it.

This airbrush compressor works great on detailed work, which is difficult for the other airbrush compressors.

Overall, this is a beautiful piece with great capacity. That’s why this handy piece has gained popularity as the best barber airbrush compressor.


  • Easy to move and maintain
  • Can be used for a whole hour
  • Charges faster than compared to others
  • Perfect for multiple uses


  • Can’t work continuously for more than an hour

Things to Consider Before Buying Air Compressor For Barber Shop

You can’t have the best air compressor unless you tick some boxes. Here are they.

CFM and PSI Rating

The most important thing you shouldn’t forget to check before buying an air compressor is the CFM and PSI rating of the compressor as it decides how dedicatedly your compressor will work.

If you need an air compressor for your barbershop, a 20 gallon will go best as it can easily produce up to 5 to 6 CFM at 90 PSI.

Noise Rating

All air compressors come with a noise rating, and if you think you are not ready to deal with a noisy one, you must check the rating first.

The rating is done in decibel(dB). The less the DB is, the quieter the compressor will be. Generally, 40-90db is considered as the average noise rating.

Tank Size

The tank size will decide how fluently the compressor will work. If you think you will need to run your compressor continuously, then a compressor with a large tank is a must.

Generally, a 15 to 20-gallon size air compressor will be able to send perfect airflow with accurate air pressure for your station.

Extra Utensils

Some air compressors come without utensils, some with an airbrush, some with extra tips, and others.

If you don’t want to buy separate airbrushes or other items, you must check what more items the compressor is offering.


  • Why Do Barbers Use Air Compressors?

Air compressors can be used for multiple purposes, but barbers use them for specific conduct. The cordless ones are simply used for hair coloring, nail art, temporary tattoos, and makeup, but corded ones are used for running blowguns, cleaning, clipping, and running other equipment.

  • Is a portable air compressor good for a barbershop?

Portable air compressors are good while you need them for light duty like hair coloring, nail painting, temporary tattoos, or cosmetics. These work great on the detail work.

The best part of these compressors is they can be moved and used easily, charged anytime, and are easy to maintain. Overall for a barbershop, they can be a perfect option.

  • How many cfm do I need for an air compressor?

The number of CFM (which measures the volume) and PSI (which measures the pressure) ratings ate the two most important factors which indicate how effectively your air compressor will run.

If you use a portable cordless air compressor, it won’t need a high rating. They typically work great on 0-5 cfm at 70 -90 psi, but for a big unit, the cfm will need a higher rating around 10 cfm at 100-120 psi. Only then will it give you the best coverage as you expected.

Bottom Line

Everyone wants the suitable thing for their needs, but that won’t be possible until you know your preferences.

If you plan to take a compressor that’ll offer you the best coverage, you should try Master Airbrush Air Compressor. The compressor is a power pact, comes with a gravity-fed dual-action airbrush, pressure gauge, hose, moisture trap, and two holders within a friendly budget.

And if you think you’ll go for a portable and cordless one, you pick I-BEAUTEE 27PSI Air Compressor. You can use it continuously for an hour.

Hopefully, this guide did its job nicely, and you got what you needed. Make sure to double-check the buying guide again. Cheers!


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