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5 Best Air Compressor for Painting Furniture in 2022

Stepping foot in the professional or DIY painting task is always daunting, especially when you’ve delicate tasks of furniture painting that would either build or ruin your painting career.

And for that painting job, there’s no alternative to holding on to the best air compressor for painting furniture. The right choice of compressor and sprayer will give you a wonderful finish with the least effort.

Choosing the best compressor amid innumerable options is no kid’s game. We’ve piled up experts’ opinions and reviews and sorted out a list of the top 5 for your best convenience.

Carry on; give it a read.

Quick Summary

“An absolute outlier that exceeds the expectations in different calibers with the lightest of weight.”

“A lightweight compressor with satisfying performance in almost every segment.”

“Take on from furniture to cars, and don’t leave behind anything with WEN 2289.”

“Get done with hours of painting without stressing your ears and neighbors.”

“The compressor competes for the toe to toe with its competition with a very compact price tag.”

5 Best Air Compressor for Painting Furniture & Spray Painting

We tried to put our best research to list down the best five options based on pressure, performance, noise, size, and portability. Scroll down for an in-depth overview.

1. CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor


Satisfying air pressure and pretty solid support make CRAFTSMAN appear first on the list as the best air compressor for painting furniture.

Digging into the features, let’s talk about the pressure first. The compressor ensures a max of 150 PSI pressure, which is more than enough if you’re a DIYer or a small range professional painter. Although it comes at 6 gallons in size, the compressor gives you a good backup in your regular painting job.

Besides, its oil and maintenance-free upgraded motor comes super handy as you’ve to face no hurdle starting it off in any season. Additionally, its 32.5 pounds of weight makes it a great portable compressor for painting.

Compared to other compressors, it’s moderately less noisy with a standard 71db or above noise rating. It’s 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI; quick recovery is definitely not the best number out there. But considering the overall performance and price point, it’s definitely a machine worth the shot.


  • Low weight range extends portability
  • 6-gallon tank gives overall decent painting backup
  • Creates less noise while in operation
  • Oil-free pump requires less maintenance
  • Quick recovery period aids prolonged painting job.


  • Practical air pressure mightn’t get equal to the mentioned PSI.

Verdict: CRAFTSMAN could be a great pick if you’ve planned for small to moderate painting projects. This could lag in bigger painting projects for smaller tank sizes, so consider compressors with bigger tanks for seamless backup.

2. DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor

DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor

If portability is your key concern with a little surge of power, then DEWALT might feed your need well.

Its pancake-shaped compressor is surprisingly lightweight (30 pounds) compared to CRAFTSMAN’s with the same tank size of 6 gallons, making it the best small air compressor for painting jobs.

Not only that, DEWALT’s maximum pressure exceeds CRAFTSMAN’s with a rating of 165 PSI. In simple words, it’s an overperforming beast with a much compact shape and size.

The oil-free pump further puts ease to your daily use without requiring any maintenance at all. Additionally, you face no trouble starting the motor even in winter colds—cheers to the all-season painting.

Besides, its 2.6SCFM gives good support to the range of paint sprayers that you’ll use.

Finally, thanks to its low noise motor of below 80db, you don’t have to go deaf while doing long hours of painting.


  • Surprisingly portable easy to carry and move
  • Hevey duty pressure gets a range of painting jobs done
  • The maintenance-free motor gives you hedge in long years of use
  • Quite motoring sound makes its use less painful
  • Standard air pressure supports a range of paint sprayers


  • Several hoes fittings leakage reported

Verdict: It’s an ideal selection for a vast array of painting jobs with a sturdy body structure.  You can easily pick it up and take it to several places for portable painting jobs.

3. PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor


The list of the best air compressor for spray painting would’ve been unfinished without PORTER’s pancake air compressor.

It goes toe to toe with the previously listed 2 compressors, from performance to endurance. Similar to earlier brands, it’s an oil-free pump that cuts off any need for maintenance and cleaning after every painting job.

But this lags only in the motoring sound section, as it creates little more noise than DEWALT and CRAFTSMAN.

The ISO-rated air pressure of 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI ensures a very quick recovery time for the prolonged painting process. Its pressure decently supports a variety of HVLP paint sprayers as well.

While many painters are concerned about the backup of the compressors, its 6-gallon tank gives decent support to a range of tasks.

For DIYers eyeing portability, its compact size of 34 pounds with rubber-covered legs and components adds a good advantage.

Want to use multiple pneumatic tools simultaneously? Then its factory-installed air coupler won’t dishearten you at all. Get the hose connected to the couplers and start working.


  • Quick recovery time aids big painting projects
  • Compact size easy to place at convenient places
  • Oil free pump needs no maintenance
  • Rubber coated lower parts doesn’t scratch the floor
  • Easy to handle even after long hours operations


  • Bit noisier while in operation.

Verdict: PORTER-CABLE easily stands out as one of the best air compressors for HVLP painting for its moderate air pressure. It’ll offer quality support to your regular painting job with ease.

4. California Air Tools Air Compressor

California Air Tools 8010 Steel Tank Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

Disgusted with the deafening motoring sound of your underperformer ordinary air compressor at the garage? Switch to California Air Tools Air Compressor for a night and day difference.

While most compressors in the list struggle to maintain the noise level to barely below 80, the California compressor easily brings it down to 60db.

Not only sound, but the compressor also comes with a big air tank of 8 gallons in comparison to the earlier ones (which gives 30-60 min runtime).

Wait, don’t get frightened about the weight. The company has also added additional wheels that make moving the compressor very convenient regardless of its 48-pound weight.

Its powerful 1hp motor gives you a blast of air pressure at the range of 2.2O CFM at 90 PSI and 3.10 CFM at 40 PSI. Along with pressure, this also gives the compressor a Stunning recovery time of 30 seconds.

Besides, its oil-free pump feature makes you drop the maintenance cost significantly. Don’t worry about using it in a colder area; its newest mechanism have you covered in any season.


  • Easy to move with the attached wheel
  • Cover range of painting needs with higher CFM
  • Quick turnaround ensures minimum time waste
  • Low noise ensures a peaceful environment
  • Oil-free pump helps reduce maintenance costs 


  • Sound intensity might range high than 60db

Verdict: Bothered with the sound and don’t want to compromise on the performance at all? Then California Air Tools Air Compressor should be your ideal selection as it’s the best quiet air compressor for painting out there.

5. WEN 2289 10-Gallon

WEN 2289 10-Gallon Oil-Free Vertical Air Compressor

Looking for a heavy hitter to beat off wider painting jobs beyond furniture? Then you might need to have a look at WEN’s beasty 10-gallon compressor. In no way it’ll leave you off guard.

Strong airflow of 4.0 CFM at 90 PSI and 5.0 CFM at 40 PSI does just wonder while used for any pneumatic tools. Bring your furniture, indoor, cars painting job at home, and you can’t complain a thing.

Though it weighs around 71.5 pounds, carrying this will never feel trouble, thanks to its 7-inch wheels. Besides, its 1/4-inch NPT quick-coupler enables your hose change task super quick.

Plus, the oil-free pump drastically reduces your maintenance cost and extends its service life longer. Unlike the pancake compressor, its auto-shutdown feature keeps you well protected when the pressure reaches the maximum point.


  • Extended airflow helps to cover a range of work
  • Reduce maintenance cost with oil-free pump
  • 7-inch wheels make moving the compressor super easy
  • Easy connect hose with quick coupler
  • Auto shuts down when pressure reaches maximum level


  • Makes higher noise compared to other compressor models

Verdict: WEN 2289 gives you enough room to satisfy your extensive painting needs. If you’ve plans to take on big tasks, it’s the best pick, without any doubt. Besides for DIYers, it’s the best air compressor for painting cars at home.

How to Choose the Best Air Compressor for Painting

Following a handful of criteria before purchasing an air compressor can help you get the best deal in the market. Here we’ve listed down some core features that need to be assessed for the right purchase.


The main thing an air compressor does is convert energy to pressurized air. And without the right air pressure, the sole purpose of getting an air compressor will go in vain.

The main parameter to judge the air pressure of a compressor is CFM and PSI. Be very careful about checking and identifying the suitable CFM and PSI compressor. 

For painting jobs, it’s best to go for the compressor, which can provide air pressure at 15-40 PSI in 2-10 CFM. 


Look for compressors that come in less weight and are easy to carry. For the regular painting services, small tank compressors are good enough. So, the portable it is handy it’ll feel to carry it around.

Don’t forget to check out the handle grip, rubber feet, and wheels of the compressors as well.


It’s better to choose a size for your compressor that can be fitted even in your storeroom or under your garage shelves. Besides smaller size will be a good value add for carrying it to different places.


Another crucial factor as you won’t be buying compressors every now and then. So, it’s better to go for compressors that are made of heavy metal like cast iron or steel.

The body material will ensure its prolonged durability even after long years of service. 


Often a lot of buyers skip this essential part. They don’t consider the noise option at all. But it becomes a nightmare once they face what it feels like working in a higher decibel noise.

Try to go for below 85 dB sound motors. It’d be best if you’d select one within 80 dB noise.


A compressor must be capable of handling the exact requirements it was actually bought for. If it underperforms, then you’ll be left with no option but to return it or purchase another one. On the contrary, if it over-performs (heavy-duty compressor) would come at a greater expense.

So, you’ve to carefully look for the balance and get the one that is most compatible with your required task.


●  What Size Air Compressor Do I Need for Painting furniture?

A portable compressor with a decent tank size of 6-10 gallons is good enough to get done with your regular furniture painting jobs.

●  How much air pressure do I need for painting?

15 to 40 PSI seems good enough to cover a maximum of your painting jobs regularly.

● How much CFM do I need for spray painting?

Actually, it depends on the paint sprayer you’ve selected for your project. But for most cases, the CFM required for spray painting mostly fluctuates between 2-10 CFM.


The right choice with experts’ suggestions can only rescue you from toggling between air compressor choices. And choosing the best air compressor for painting can help you reduce painting struggles to many folds.

So, be wise to consider the buying guide first. After that, filter out the best available option.  And only then you’d be satisfied with your right-picked air compressor.

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