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10 Best Dual Fuel Generator Reviews [Gasoline & Propane]

Why not get the best dual fuel generator when you see the sudden rise in hurricanes, flash floods, and earthquakes all around the state? Or are you looking for a lighter, easily moveable power backup for your RV and off-grid camp? Here we are talking about a range of quality, large scale and portable dual fuel generators that can in fact seriously aid you in terms of getting a quality energy backup.

Top 10 Best Dual Fuel Generators

We have researched and selected 10 generators on the market and went through each one of them in the utmost detail. Go through the short read and learn everything about them! 

  1. DuroMax XP5500EH Generator with Electric Start
  2. Westinghouse WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator
  3. Pulsar PG7500 7500W Peak 6000W Rated Portable
  4. WEN DF475T Dual Fuel 120V/240V Portable Generator
  5. DuroMax XP12000EH 12000 watt Dual Fuel
  6. Durostar DS5500EH Portable Generator, Red/Black
  7. Champion 3800 Dual Fuel Portable
  8. Champion 100402-2000 Watt
  9. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter
  10. Westinghouse iGen4200 Hybrid Open Frame Inverter

1. DuroMax XP5500EH Review- Best Electric Start Dual Fuel Generator

In the quest to find the best dual fuel generator that starts with sensitive electronics power, we’re starting with a common name in the power backup system, which is the DuroMax. This model XP5500EH has some useful features that we will go through now. And also it is listed in our top whole house generator.

Power and Fuel Type: This is a mid-ranged dual fuel generator with peak output 5500 and 5000 rated watts. This can be an ideal deal for small and medium-sized houses. You can run the regular lamps, electric fan, water pump, television, hairdryer, and regular electric appliances.

This dual-channel generator runs either Gasoline or Propane. But propane is its primary fuel system, which is cost-effective and increases the possibility of availability.

Engine and Tank Size: The generator is powered by a 224CC 7.5Hp engine. The tank offers 3.96 Gallons of Gasoline and 20 Gallons of fuel capacity for Propane.

Runtime: You’d want your generator to run for long, at least backing you up for the outage duration. Considering the factor, it has an excellent 8 hours of run time with 50% load for gas and similar 8 hours on 50% on Propane. So, multiple refueling can take you through a week.

Control Panel and Mechanism: You get multiple regular household outlets and it’s 120V. A twist-lock outlet making you able to connect almost all your electric equipment to the generator.

The best thing is it houses an easy electric start mechanism. But it also allows you to begin with recoil.

Other Features: The device is what we consider to be a lot less noisy with 69DB its decibel rating. Comes equipped with a wheel kit and handles that will let you move it with no hassle.

Weight is measured at 129lbs and shouldn’t be too difficult for a regular individual to move it. They’re providing you a 3-year limited parts warranty for residential use. They restrict the period to 1 year for commercial use.


  • Dual Fuel Option
  • Not Too Heavy
  • Compact Generator
  • Can Run a Small House


  • Can be Prone to Wear and Tear

2. Westinghouse WGen9500DF- Best Portable Dual Fuel Generator


2nd, it is the Westinghouse W Gen 9500DF which is a dual fuel portable generator for both home and outdoor uses. Some basic features include:

Power Output System: It gives you a staggering 12500 peak watts and 9500 watts of running power. But while running on Propane the peak watt is 11200 and the running watt is 8500.

This highly influential device should easily be able to run your entire house with lights, air conditioners, refrigerators, computers, and other regular and heavy electronic equipment.

Engine Type: It comes with a brutal 457CC 4 stroke OHV engine.

Type Of Fuel: It runs both on Propane and Gasoline. Although the output for Propane is low, it costs less than gas.

Tank Size: This unit is a 6.6-gallon fuel tank generator.

Runtime: Runtime varies based on fuel type. Propane gives you 7 hours of continuous operation while you get 12 hours on gasoline, on 50% usage.

Control Panel: You get two regular 120 maximum power outlets, one 120/240V AC 50A outlet, and another 120/240V twist-lock outlet. All the output has an extra cover to protect them from dust and water.

Starting Mechanism: The three-way starting mechanism with electric push, remote, and recoil, makes it highly user-friendly.

Decibel Rating: It has a decibel rating of 73DB, which can be slightly irritating, especially for older individuals.

Portability: The machine comes with added wheel kit and handles for effortless movement.

Weight: It is heavy with 220lb under its belt.

Warranty: Comes with a 1-year limited parts warranty.


  • 12500 Peak and 9500 Rated Output
  • Highly Powerful Engine
  • Dual Fuel Support
  • Three-Way Starting Mechanism
  • Easy Portability


  • Too Heavy

3. Pulsar G12KBN- Best Heavy Duty Portable Generator

Pulsar G12KBN

Let’s find out what the CARB compliant Pulsar G12KBN 7500 watt dual fuel generator offers.

Power: The 12000 peak watts would be highly effective in starting heavy electronic machinery, while the rated 9000 watts will constantly run your large 3-bed apartment with ease.

Engine Type: It comes equipped with 457CC 4 stroke OHV air-cooled engine. Engine with such power heats quickly; thus they have put an air cooler to counter overheating.

Fuel Type: This unit runs on both Gasoline and Propane, giving you the flexibility to choose one over another during times of fuel crisis or price increase.

Tank Size: A huge 8-gallon fuel tank should be able to provide longer runtime.

Runtime: It will function 12 hours straight on a 50% load. With only 10-12 refuelings, you can easily go for about a week with minimum usage.

Power Panel: It provides you with 4 regular 120 outlets, which should be an excellent addition to run proper electric devices. Also, it’s household outlets 120/240V and a 12V DC outlet.

Starting Mechanism: Electric push start will make your life easier as you get the power back with just a touch of a button.

Decibel Rating: It can seem slightly louder as it has a high 76DB decibel rating

Portability: With a wheel kit and graspable handles, portability should be easier.

Weight: You should have some powerful arms to move this machine. It weighs 209 pounds.

Warranty: The warranty period is 1 year, and the offer covers certain parts of the machine.


  • 457CC 4 Stroke OHV Engine
  • Astounding 12000 Peak and 9000 Rated Watts
  • Electric Push Start
  • Long 12 Hours Runtime


  • A Bit Noisy

4. WEN DF475T- Best Dual Fuel 120V/240V Portable Generator

WEN DF475T Dual Fuel 120V/240V

WEN DF475T is a mid-ranged CARB compliant electric dual fuel generator. Let’s see how it can support you during outages.

Power: It has two power settings for the two types of fuels. First, you get 4750 Peak watts and 3800 running watts on gas. Second, you receive 4350 peak power and 3500 rated on Propane. This mid-scale generator can be an ideal option for a small 1-2 bedroom with lights, pumps, television, and refrigerators.

Engine Type: It houses a compact 223CC 4 Stroke OHV engine.

Fuel Type: Multiple fuel options are available. You can use both Propane and Gasoline on this device.

Tank Size: With 4-gallon fuel tank- is slightly smaller than others. But the good news is that you get a fuel gauge to constantly monitor fuel levels.

Runtime: Despite having a smaller tank, this machine provides you with 10-11 hours of runtime with a 50% load. The functioning time though comes slightly shorter with Propane at 7 hours on 50% load. For your information, Propane usually gives a shorter run time and has nothing to do with the machine.

Control Panel: Standard control setting with 2 regular 120, one 120/240 30A, and a DC outlet with 12V 8A.

Starting Mechanism: It features both recoil and electric push start. You can use either one of the others that are not working or having problems.

Decibel Rating: We don’t regard it to be that much loud as a generator with a 69DB decibel rating.

Portability: Portability is always a matter to consider while buying a portable dual fuel generator. Wheels and foldable handles in this give you ease and comfort when you need to transport them. The size and the portable feature make it a suitable option for an off-grid RV power supply.

Weight: This is by far one of the lightest dual fuel generators that we encountered with only 105.8 lbs. It should be easy to take it from one place to another.

Warranty: You’re also getting a 2 years warranty from WEN.


  • Lightweight Construction
  • Good for Small Homes and appliance
  • Perfect for Off-Grid or RV’s
  • Low Noise Production
  • Easy Electric Push Start


  • Prone to Wear and Tear

5. DuroMax XP12000EH- Best Dual Fuel RV Generator for Home Backup 


This unit is a high-powered 12000-watt generator designed for special large-scale power production. Time to learn about this beast!

Power: You get a staggering 12000 peak and 9500 rated watt. This heavy power production can be a genuine help in times of outages and cuts. It can easily supply energy for a large three-bedroom house, running almost everything in it with ease!

Engine Type: This powerful machine houses a 457CC OHV engine by DuroMax. It should be a good deal for quick and reliable energy production.

Fuel Type: You can use both Gasoline and Propane to run it.

Tank Size: The tank is always a key factor, especially in terms of extending the output duration. Well, the machine comes with a large 8.3-gallon fuel tank.

Runtime: Despite the large fuel tank capacity, you get a less period of runtime. It gives you 8 hours of output on a 50% load. It should last you a week on several refuelings.

Power Panel: You get two 120/240V 50A and twist lock. Voltmeter, low oil shutoff sensor electric working, and DC chagrin ports are also there to support you in regulating the device.

Starting Mechanism: Both traditional recoil and easy electronic push-start are available in it.

Decibel Rating: It has a decibel rating of 72DB. It shouldn’t be an issue considering the energy it is producing. But it can be somewhat disturbing for the older population.

Portability: Wheels attached on the front side works effectively with the folded handles to give you better portability

Weight: A device that can produce 12000 watts is meant to be heavy, and this is no different. The weight is measured around 224 pounds.

Warranty: You get a 3-year warranty on residential and a 1-year warranty on commercial use. Remember that it is a limited warranty that is focused on particular parts of this dual-fuel generator


  • Astounding 12000 and 9500 Rated Energy
  • Multiple Fuel Options
  • Standard Control Setting
  • Easy Electronic Key Start


  • Extremely Heavy

6. DuroStar DS5500EH- Dual Fuel Portable Generator

DuroStar DS5500EH 5500

Next up is another mid-ranged energy dual fuel generator by DuroMax. Let’s get to the details of DS5500EH.

Power: DS5500EH gives you 5500 peak watts and 4500 rated watts. This can be an excellent tool for your small household or RVs. The wattage is different while using Propane, though, with 5225 Peak and 4274 running watts.

You can run any regular home electronic appliance such as lights, fans, refrigerators, and other such devices along with smartphones and PCs. 

Engine Type: A 7.5HP 225CC OHV engine will provide energy for your house with no issue.

Fuel Type: Multiple fuel technology allows you to run the generator both on Gasoline and Propane, making refueling a lot simpler.

Tank Size: Tank size is smaller, with 3.96 gallons of fuel capacity.

Runtime: For gas, the runtime is almost close to 9 hours, which is good. While it runs 7.63 hours on Propane.

Power Panel: It has basic settings with 2 regular 120 outlets and one 120/240V 30a twist-lock outlet.

Starting Mechanism: It has both recoil and electric push start. This will give you the flexibility to use recoil if your electric push-button encounters any technical issues.

Decibel Rating: The noise rating is measured around 69DB. This isn’t that loud in choosing the best dual fuel portable generator.

Portability: Like most of the dual fuel generators discussed, it too has two wheels attached to it. Further, the foldable handles will make the job even easier if you need to move it.

Weight: Weight is quite low with only 127 LBS. This minimum weight count would be a great deal for people who wish to go off the grid or use RVs to travel around.

Warranty: The manufacturer does not explicitly mention any warranty offers. But we’d still ask you to speak to the manufacturer about the issue beforehand and check if it is protected under any of such schemes.


  • Dual Fuel Technology
  • Smart Portability Mechanism
  • RV Ready
  • Comparatively Lower Noise Production


  • Control Panel Could Have Had More Outlets

7. Champion 3800- Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator for Rv

Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV

Champion 3800 is a compact energy generator that can be carried anywhere you want. Let’s check the detailed picture of this tool.

Power: This is one of the best dual fuel generator by Champion measuring its Power Equipment that gives out 4750 starting watts, which should be able to kick-start heavy power equipment. On the other hand, 3800 running watts can be a good maximum power count to run regular household electric devices.

Engine Type: A heavy-duty 4 stroke 224CC engine power generator.

Fuel Type: The best thing is you get both Gas and Propane support on it. It can be a brilliant way to counter fuel crises.

Tank Size: The tank size is small, with 3.4 gallons of fuel capacity.

Runtime: It will give you a 9-hour continuous energy output at a 50% load. Comparing the energy-burning ratio, it isn’t that bad.

Control Panel: You’ll get two regular 120 outlets for connecting to multi plugs and running tv, Pc, smartphone charger, and other accessories. One 120V 30A twist lock outlet one 120v 30A (TT-30R) are also at your fingertips.

Starting Mechanism: Unfortunately, you don’t get the easy electric push or fancy remote key fobs with this one. Rather, you’d have to stick to the traditional recoil mechanism to start it.

Decibel Rating: Noise level shouldn’t be a problem for regular individuals with the 68DB decibel noise produces while running.

Portability: The main fact that contributes to portability is its size. They have designed it small, so the process of transportation is uncomplicated.

Weight: Weight is measured at only 106.9lb. This should come in handy if you use it on RVs or for going camping.

Warranty: It offers you a 3-year limited warranty.

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  • Small and Compact Energy Producer
  • Multiple Fuel Provides More Flexibility
  • Comparatively Lower Noise level
  • Highly Lightweight
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty


  • No Circuit Breaker

8. Champion 100402-2000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000-Watt

Another Champion 2000 watt portable generator is on the list. Let’s find out the details!

Power: This compact power backup system provides you with 2000 peak and 1600 running watts on Gasoline. With Propane, the peak is measured at 1800 and running at 1440 watts power. Which can run electric fans, a couple of lights, a microwave, and charge your smartphones.

Engine Type: Comes equipped with a basic 80cc 4-stroke engine.

Fuel Type: It supports both Gas and Propane so you can get from the market the cost-effectiveness that provides a better energy consumption ratio.

Tank Size: It is too small with only a 1.1-gallon fuel tank.

Runtime: It will give you 11 hours runtime on a 20 lb Propane time. Which is not bad at all.

Control Panel: With basic control settings with two 120 and one 12V DC outlet.

Starting Mechanism: It does not feature any easy electric push or remote key fobs. The only way you can start the machine is by recoil.

Decibel Rating: It is perhaps one of the best quietest dual fuel generators out there with only a 53.0 DB decibel rating.

Portability: It has a nice and long handle, and the design is done in a way that you can carry it like a bag or a suitcase. This does not feature any wheels.

Weight: It weighs only 47.6 lb. Even women and older people can easily carry it wherever they want.

Warranty: This product is protected under a 3-year limited parts warranty by Champion Power Equipment.


  • Small and Compact Design
  • Weighs Less
  • Easily Portable
  • Low Decibel Rating
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty


  • Electric Push Start Not Available

9. Champion 3400-Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator for RV

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV

If you want the best dual fuel portable inverter generator, it can surely be an option by Champion 3400 watt Power Equipment. Let’s see what makes it special.

Power: Power comes first. This generator offers you 3400 Peak and 3100 watts of constant energy production. Which we think is just phenomenal for a small portable piece of equipment like this

Perhaps one of the best generators you can have for your RV or off-grid camping site. It can easily run lights, electric fans, television, and other day-to-day electric equipment.

Engine Type: Despite being small, the machine houses a 4 stroke 192CC engine.

Fuel Type: This compact generator even offers multiple fuel support like the larger ones. You can use either Gasoline or go for Propane if you want to save a little more on fuel. Offers you more flexibility and ease of use.

Tank Size: As it is a portable compact generator, the tank capacity is smaller. It provides you 1.6 fuel capacity. But if you think the tank size is not enough, you can add an extended gas tank so you can store more fuel for a longer runtime.

Runtime: You will get a 7.5 hour long continuous energy output on a 25% load. The runtime is low, but it gets better if you consider adding an extra gas tank.

Control Panel: 2 regular 120 outlets in panel systems. One 120V 30A and a 12V DC outlet.

Starting Mechanism: The starting mechanism sadly does not have an electric push or key fobs; rather you would have to use recoil to start the machine up.

Decibel Rating: It is quieter than most other generators. Its decibel rating is 59DB, which is good for a generator of this scale.

Portability: This is perhaps its most effective feature. Apart from being small and shaped, it also has wheels equipped with never-flat tires. The foldable handle makes it further workable to move it wherever you want. For portability, this is by far the best we discussed.

Weight: As you perhaps guessed, this is lightweight with measuring only 80.9lbs. Any able-bodied man can easily handle it.

Warranty: A three-year limited warranty is offered with this product. Limited warranty includes distinct parts of the generator, not the whole.


  • Dual Fuel Technology
  • Compact Design
  • High Portability Potential
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty


  • Small Tank Size
  • No Electric Push Start

10. Westinghouse iGen4500- Best Quiet Single Fuel Generator for RV

Westinghouse iGen4500

The last one is the Westinghouse iGen4500 CARB compliant compact power backup system. Let’s dig deep into this!

Power: Despite being small, it provides a substantial power output. It gives you 4500 rated and 3700 constant watts. Enough to power your RV or a small camping site with ease. Can use it also to power your house, although portable generators of this sort are not used for that purpose.

Engine Type: It features a 224cc 4 Stroke Westinghouse OHV engine.

Fuel Type: This is the only exception to this discussion. The reason we’re saying this is that it has a single fuel support system. Unlike the rest of the generator in the guide, you can only use Gasoline on it.

Tank Size: Considering the size and the portability it offers, it has a comparatively big fuel tank. You can store up to 3.4 gallons of fuel in it.

Runtime: The runtime it offers is just plain unbelievable. A staggering 15 hours of runtime will make sure you get a continuous electricity supply for such a long duration on a 50% load. You can easily go for 1 week with only 8-9 refueling sessions.

Control Panel: This is full RV ready. Has the RV 120V 30A(TT-30R) and two regular 120 outlets for regular electric devices. It makes your camping trip even easier with two 5v USB ports as you get to charge up your smartphone directly.

Starting Mechanism: The starting mechanism also adds to its user-friendliness. A three-way starting mechanism allows recoil, electric push start, and remote key fob.

Decibel Rating: If you want the quietest generator, then this is something that you can seriously consider. Because it has a decibel rating of only 52DB!

Portability: It has wheels and a handle that mimics the easily graspable suitcase handles. Make your job of moving it around as easily as possible.

Weight: This highly lightweight generator weighs about only 98 LBS, which can easily be lifted or dragged by any able-bodied man.

Warranty: A three-year warranty is offered on it. It is a ‘limited warranty’ scheme that has specific parts of the generator inside the program.


  • Extremely Low Fuel Consumption Rate
  • Low Weight Count
  • Low Decibel Rate
  • Easy Three Way Starting Mechanism
  • Exceptional Portability


  • Single Fuel Support

Buying Guide of Dual Fuel Generators

These buying guides will reflect upon some key criteria which should give you a better understanding of a good bargain..

Fuel Capacity-Dual Fuel Technology or Not

One of the key factors that you should make sure of is your generator’s fuel type. Many generators support only one fuel type, mostly Gasoline. But always try finding the ones that have multiple fuel options. It helps you in two ways.

First, usually, we need to use the backup system during natural severe disasters. But sometimes due to serious impact from the calamities, the supply line of Gasoline can be disrupted. Here you have more chance of survival as you have a substitute fuel instead of Gasoline. Similar can be said about Propane. Whatever the situation is, multiple fuel support increases the possibility of finding fuel during outages by 50%.

Second, it is cost-effective. We’re seeing a highly unstable economy right now because of the COVID crisis and other economic issues. The prices of fuel are going up and down each week. The issue is further complicated with the increasing political turmoil within the oil-exporting/importing nations. That is why it is way safer to have two types of fuel alternatives. When the price of gas goes up, you buy LPG and vice versa.

Using Propane is environmentally friendly. It is way cleaner than Gasoline, does not pollute the air, and requires less maintenance. So, if you think using Gasoline for a prolonged period can contaminate air quality, you’d have the flexibility to switch to Propane. Considering all the aspects, you must find generators with dual-fuel technology as it offers tons of benefits that a single fuel generator does not.

This article will help you to find the Best Generator Oils

Choose the Type of Generator You Need

Many options to consider while you’re trying to find quality dual fuel generators. Why do you need a generator is the main question here. Are you going camping for a couple of days somewhere in the woods? Or do you plan to arrange your RV trip across the states? Then you can go for the fully portable RV-ready generators, which are lightweight and almost soundless.

But if you’re a small homeowner planning to sustain your family during natural disasters, then going for a mid or high ranged generator sounds like a better idea. These are usually heavier, bigger, create a lot of noise, and are difficult to move. But they do provide more power and support you for a longer duration with their large fuel capacity.

So, you can see how your requirements can influence the success of the generator purchase. We’d suggest you evaluate these issues and make your decision based on these preferences to get the best generator.

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Understand the Wattage Mechanism

Are you looking toward dual fuel portable generator but have trouble understanding the wattage mechanism? It is sometimes a bit confusing for users to understand the two different watts mentioned in every product description. Let’s clear the air out. We know these two sorts of watts as Peak/ power Surge watt and Rated/Constant watt.

The Peak Wattage is a surge of wattage that allows you to get your heavier electrical equipment started. Much electric equipment with a powerful motor inside requires a heavy rush of wattage, which can be achieved by the Peak watt.

On the other hand, the running watt refers to the continuous generation of wattage as long as the generator runs. It will keep on producing the same wattage constantly.

So, we’d recommend you check the rated watt while buying a generator. Therefore, always prioritize the rated watt while buying generators.

Runtime and Output

Runtime is always an issue that should be taken into consideration. How much time do you need a power backup for? Well, that is an interesting question, because nobody can exactly say how long the authorities would take to get things fixed and get the grid energy back after natural catastrophes.

But our research suggests that it is better to prepare for a 1-day minimum to a maximum, a week. Sometimes it may take a day or two to get rid of energy back, but sometimes it may take weeks, given the severity of the catastrophe.

Now, if your generator provides 8 hours on a 50% load, it would take almost 21 irritating refueling sessions to last you one week. You will also have to buy and store more fuel.

On the other hand, generators providing 12 hours runtime on a 50% load take only 12-14 refueling for a week. So, we’d suggest you go for generators that provide you somewhere between 10-12 hours of continuous energy backup. It will lessen the frequency of refueling as well as save you from the trouble of storing loads of fuel in your basement.

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Energy Consumption Ratio

As we have discussed the runtime, it directly brings us to the ECR. Why is it important? This energy consumption ratio is the core factor that can be considered as a determining factor to get the top dual fuel generator as it provides more runtime and is highly cost-effective at the same time.

If your generator has a quality energy consumption ratio, then it would burn less fuel and provide you more function time.

This also directly influences cost-effectiveness. As the price of fuel is going up each day, buying fuel time and time again can become expensive. Lower energy consumption will reduce that cost down as you now need to buy less fuel than before.

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Noise Level

One of the most problematic issues regarding generators is the disturbing noise they produce. The younger population can stand it, but the older population can be highly prone to its negative effects. Being under an excessive noise level for a prolonged period can cause hearing issues and create psychological irritation.

So, how to counter it? Prevention is always better than cure. Check the decibel rating of the generator you’re buying. The lesser the rating is, the less noisy it is. Therefore we suggest you go through the product description thoroughly.

A decibel rating of 60-65DB should be good enough for a generator. And anything above 70DB is better to be avoided. But, if you have found a quality generator with a bad decibel rating, then you can lower it down manually later on.

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Control Panel Outlet

This is another vital part of the generator. Always try to find generators that have an extensive range of outlet varieties. It is better if your panel houses more regular 120 outlets as these are mostly used in regular activities. If you want to plug in your television or refrigerator, you can connect them directly. You can also get a multi-plug and then get more electric appliances connected to power.

Many generators also provide USB ports with a twist-lock outlet and one of the most desired features; these are essential. Right now, many are trying to live off the grid. RV living is picking up the trend. And generators are used as the major fuel sources of energy to power this RV during their trip on the road. Now, if you’re one of those RV riders, then you must make sure your generator is “RV Ready.” The panel must have an RV outlet so you can directly connect your RV to the generator for instant power.

Extra features like voltmeter, low oil shutdown feature, and fuel warning system, fuel gauge are quite crucial as well.

Weight and Portability

Weight and portability go hand in hand. Generators that weigh heavy are difficult to move around. Choosing generators with the least weight will make your job easier when you wish to transport the generator from one place to another.

Other portability features include wheels and handles. Try finding generators that provide you with never-flat wheels. No need to go through the trouble of repairing flat wheels time and time again, and you get to move your generator easily.

The handles let you drag the generator comfortably. Overall, make sure all these features are present while you’re buying energy back up.

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Electrical equipment can be vulnerable to tiny internal issues that can cause them to suddenly crash. And generators are no different and require careful maintenance. So, to remove the shadow of uncertainty, it is best to buy generators that have a warranty.

Sometimes the warranty offers can be complex. Often the warranty covers not all but some parts in your generator. That is why we’d suggest you go through the warranty statements thoroughly. You can also contact the manufacturer to attain valid information regarding the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is it possible to convert a standard generator to LPG?

Yes. Although complex, you can connect a generator conversion kit that allows you to use your usual Gasoline-powered generator on LPG.

Can dual fuel generators run on natural gas?

Primarily the answer is no. But natural gas can be functional in dual fuel generators with added modifications.

Can a dual fuel generator run my entire home?

Why not? They can easily power up the entire house with no difficulties. But one thing the user has to maintain is the required and available watt. If the generator meets the required wattage for your entire house, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

Does Honda make dual fuel generators?

Yes. They do. Besides cars and other electric equipment, this Japanese mega-manufacturer also mass-produces generators. And they also feature dual generators in their product line.

To Sum Up

We don’t buy generators every day. Electric equipment of this scale does cost a good chunk of cash and requires a lot of effort to set it up. So, quite naturally, it has to be something special and must provide the quality service you expect from it.

Furthermore, the number of natural disasters is on the rise in recent years. If you check the statistics, environmental catastrophes are occurring at a higher rate, striking us and everyone across the globe more often than ever. The ecological shift that is taking place would inevitably multiply the number of hurricanes, flash floods, earthquakes that used to take place at a reduced rate previously.

It leaves you with no option but to go for power tools and equipment vital for our survival during emergencies. Many are already considering a more off-the-grid living style to counter their dependency and tackle social or global catastrophes. Considering all the factors, we do not find any alternatives to having a quality and dependable emergency power backup.

It will act as the first line of defense fighting calamities while also enabling you to add or modify it for more extended support. Dealing with these sorts of equipment will also enlarge your knowledge of understanding key factors that can give you an edge while others lag.

So, start researching from now on and get your best dual fuel generators as quickly as you can and shield yourself from any future crisis!

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