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5 Best Extension Cords for Generator (Review & Guide)

Extension cords are essential, especially when you don’t have a transfer switch installed. They help your devices connect to the generator most safely and protect you from difficulties arising from power outages. This is the main reason you should have the best extension cord for generator as a backup!

These cords have to be of the right size and must have a good power gauge. Many such tiny details are there, which can separate the quality ones from the substandard ones. We have discussed such issues in the following brief guide. Go through for better understanding and learn to pick your best generator extension cord by yourself!

Our 5 Best Extension Cords for Generator

We have researched and selected the 5 best quality extension cords from the market. Let’s see what they can offer you!

  1. Watt’s Wire 100-ft 12/3 Heavy Duty 3-Outlet Cord
  2. Watt’s Wire 25ft 10/3 Wire Heavy Duty Extension Cord
  3. Southwire 50ft Outdoor Extension Cord
  4. Conntek 30ft RV/Generator Power Cord
  5. Southwire 100ft Extra Hard Usage Cord

1. Watt’s Wire 100-ft 12/3- Best Heavy Duty Extension Cord

This 100 ft generator extension cord is undoubtedly one of the best cord for the generator that you can buy now. Let’s see how this highly well-received Watt’s Wire extension cord tops our list!

The first thing that you should inspect is the gauge rating. Gauge mainly refers to the diameter of the wire. And it is best if your wire’s diameter is wider. Cause thin wires to restrict the normal flow of current. At the same time, the thicker and wider internal wires will make it easier for current to pass through.

The smaller the gauge number is, the more amps it can operate. The good thing about this extension cord is, it’s a 12 gauge wire, which should provide uninterrupted, purer power output.

The triple-angled outlet mechanism helps you connect multiple items and power adapters.

The plug construction is also important for the durability of the cord. A tough and durable molded plastic is used in the construction of the plugs makes them stronger, and they can withstand twists and turns.

A power indicator light is there as well for you to know whether the power is on or not. Better insulation protects the internal wire well.

Last but not least, the long 100ft wire will make it possible for you to connect any device in your house no matter how far it stands from your whole house generator.

Despite having tons of positives, as being an electrical device, it is not 100% immune from malfunctions. We suggest you be slightly more careful about sparks or burnt ends.

On the whole, this extension cord is a masterpiece, and you can go for it anytime you want!


  • Long 100ft Extension Cord Reaches Everywhere
  • 12 Gauge Wide Wire
  • Durable Plug Construction
  • Power Indicator Lights


  • Can Malfunction Sometimes

2. Watt’s Wire 25ft 10/3 Wire Heavy Duty Extension Cord

Heavy Duty 3-Outlet Lighted SJTW

Second, it’s another 25ft amp generator Cord by Watt’s Wire. This heavy-duty cord can be a game-changer. We’re about to find out the key features and benefits of this cable. 

Watt’s wire has used SJTW thermoplastic on the construction of the cables. This technological process makes the wire suitable for various temperature levels, from -40F to 130F. 

It’s a 10 gauge wire, meaning the extra width in diameter would provide you with the continuous and undisturbed current. This also protects you from any voltage drops meeting all your power needs.

Sometimes the cable can tear under heavy pressure but not with this one. Enhance poly strands added in the construction makes it heavier than your regular cords and stays strong even under 150lbs pressure. 

This, too, has a triple-outlet head, which makes it highly convenient as it lets you connect multiple electronic devices directly. The transparent outlet head also houses an indicator light that signals you whenever it is connected to a power source. 

Apart from generators, you can also use these tough cables on drills, saws, air compressors, heaters, and other heavy power-consuming machines. 

Although it has almost all the qualities that a standard extension cord should possess, it does lack waterproofing, which is one of its drawbacks. Except for this, we don’t find anything to object to this cord. 

So, considering all the factors mentioned, this is one durable piece of equipment and can be regarded as one of the best extension cords for contractors!


  • 25ft Wire Connects Appliances in Small Home
  • SJTW Thermoplastic Material 
  • Retains Strength Under Pressure 
  • Tri-Outlet Head 
  • Indicator Light


  • Not Waterproof

3. Southwire Extension Cord Review

Southwire 2588SW0002

Thirdly, it is our own Southwire 50ft cable for heavy-duty generator connectivity. Let’s find out what they have that makes them so special.

The first thing that we consider while getting an extension cord is the diameter. This Southwire 12 gauge cable should be an excellent current transfer medium with less or no amp drop because of the width in the diameter of the internal wire.

The outer yellow jacket is also a positive thing to discuss as it highlights the cord and makes it recognizable in almost all types of terrains and backgrounds.

Water is perhaps the most problematic issue for electric appliances—any sort of contact between the two results in a terrible consequence. But, not with this cord! Completely vinyl jacket waterproof cable will make connecting your appliances with a generator safer and more convenient. Also, regular activity can still be continued without any hassle.

The plug end is lightened, which helps you understand when your wire is connected. One of the most common issues that you may face using cables is the bending and twisting on the plug end. But Southwire has added reinforced blades to save you from breaking and bending.


  • 12 Gauge Wire
  • Yellow Jacket Makes it More Visible
  • Water-Resistant
  • Lightened Indicator
  • Reinforced Blades Protects From Breaking and Bending


  • Sometimes Wrong Items Can be Shipped

4. Conntek RV/Generator Power Cord

Conntek 14302 RV/Generator Power Cor

Now on our list is the Conntek RV/generator power cord. One good thing about this cord is it gives you 30-foot long coverage. So, you’ll be able to connect devices that are stationed at a distance.

This is a 50 AMP power cord; it will let the power travel without any resistance whatsoever and would provide unrestricted current. Sometimes, when you run devices with high power demand, the regular cord tends to heat up. But with this premium quality power cord, you’re not risking that. The cord will stay cool even if you’re powering heavy devices like air conditioners or an oven. Although it does not provide the 100-ft 50-amp generator cord, the same setting cord is offered, but that is 50ft long.

This 21.8-pound cord is a good add-on for your RV as well. Besides the positives, it has one issue that can be slightly problematic for some. It is a super-tough cord; that is why it is stiff. Can make it heavily difficult for people to deal with, especially for those who are at an old age.

On the whole, the cable is outstanding and is suggested for your Dual Fuel Generator or RV any day.


  • Long 30ft Connectivity
  • 50 AMP Power Cord
  • No Overheating
  • Tough Durable Built
  • Outstanding Overall Quality


  • Too Stiff
  • Can be Difficult for Old People to Deal With

5. Southwire Extra Hard Usage Cord

Southwire 19190008

Finally, we end our discussion with the 50 amp twist lock generator cord by the renowned Southwire cords. Let’s find out what makes it appear on our list. It is a 100ft long cable, so pretty obvious that it will be able to reach almost everywhere inside your house to connect your appliances.

This is a super durable, sturdy cable, get it if you’re looking for a cable that goes years without any issues. Furthermore, this heavy-duty cable can be used in extreme conditions, and you can still expect it to hold up well.

This is a twist lock extension cord, so you can expect your devices to stay connected even after heavy shaking or pulling.

Furthermore, the jacket is built to provide you with maximum flexibility during use. Chemical and abrasion resistance has also been used to enhance durability.

On the whole, this is a tough and durable extension cord that you can use with no fret!


  • Extremely Durable
  • Covers 100ft Long Area
  • Twist-Lock
  • Chemical and Abrasion Resistant


  • Limited Warranty Time

Buying Guide to Get the Best Generator Extension Cord

In terms of buying extension cords, you’re never out of choices. Thousands and thousands of different extension cords are out there from poor to standard quality. But with our buying guide, you’ll be able to easily sift through these unnecessary options.

Plug Type

The plug type is the first thing that you should decide while going for an extension cord. What type of plug you need and your generator support should be the primary matter of concern for you. The different shaped plugs are carefully designed to tackle overloads. Twist lock or regular plug decide first before you get your extension cord.


Length is perhaps the first matter for consideration. Usually, your generator is placed away from the house because of noise and air pollution. That is why you need extension cords with good length.

We’d suggest you go for 100ft long cords. But, if you are not able to get it, then try to find cords at least 50ft long. Having a long cable is always better than a shorter one.

Gauge Measurement

Knowing the gauge is a must while buying extension cords. Gauge refers to the diameter of the internal cord. The wider it is, the more current can travel without interruption. But how do you understand which one is wider and which one isn’t? Well, the measurement system in terms of understanding the wire gauge is a bit interesting.

The smaller the gauge number is, the wider the diameter is. We’d ask you to avoid 14 or 16 gauge wires. Try to get wires that are 12 gauge, at the very least. 10 is even better. So, try to go as low as possible for a better output.

Indicator Light

The indicator light is another important section of an extension cord. It is better if your extension cord has an indicator light as it will continue to notify you whether you’re connected to the power or not.

The indicator light also saves you from possible hazards. As you always know if you’re connected, you’d always maintain caution while the light is on.


Water resistance is highly vital for an extension cord. Because most of the time, your generator will be staying outside your house. The cord act as the bridge between your generator and your house to bring power inside.

Well, this sounds all safe and sound in summer. But what about rain and snow? Electric devices are always prone to water-related issues. And during rains and snow, this can only multiply. The water, if somehow manages to get to the internal cord, you risk not only the cord but also the generator or appliances you’re running on it. Further, it will also greatly put you and your family’s lives in danger.

That is why it is best to find waterproof cords.

Multiple Outlets

Some extension cords offer you multiple outlets. These are the most convenient ones. As you get to connect more than one device at the same time.

The ones with a single outlet need a multi-plug to connect more objects. So, in our opinion, you should try to find extension cords that offer multiple outlet options.

If you get all these things covered in your power extension cord. We’re positive that you’d be able to get a quality cord from the market. Best of luck out there!

To Sum Up

It has been a detailed guide on a variety of power extension cords that are now trending in the market. Our researched guide has focused on both the positives and some of the negatives for an overall understanding. But all the cords here are top-quality items dominating the market.

Now it is your turn! Choose the best extension cord for a generator for your house and light up whenever an outage occurs!

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