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5 Best Power Inverters For Semi Trucks [Expert Reviews]

This is the era of revolution. One of the most significant signs of revolution can be shown in conveyance. The truck is no different. If you want to make a trip on a truck or semi-truck, you’ll surely want to get the best out of it. Most drivers now added various electronic equipment and tools to their trucks. The reason is to make their journey more satisfying.

However, those appliances only work with adequate power. And, the power comes from “Power Inverter”.

A power inverter is an electronic device that can successfully convert Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC). The alternating current can charge the vehicle and other household gears. An inverter is such splendid stuff which can offer you a reliable power backup when you go on a journey. In this article, we will talk about the best power Inverters for semi trucks And Recreational Vehicles (RVs). Check it out –

Safety Features

Let us tell you why it is the most considerable feature before picking any type of car power inverter for your work truck!

We’re focusing on this particular issue because the inverter is inside your truck, and poor safety features can put you at risk if things go wrong. 

  • Make sure you buy inverters that have high and low voltage safety enabled. If your electronics are run on a higher voltage than usual, it will shorten the service life; sometimes, high voltage can instantly damage the appliances.
  • On the other hand, low voltage causes the amperage to rise and results in the melting down of electronic sensitive devices. So, you see, both high and low voltage can easily harm your appliances, often beyond repair.
  • Another feature that we’d like you to look for is thermal shutdown. The issue of heating in inverters is nothing new. Thermal protection shutdown here would work as a protection unit, automatically shutting down the inverter whenever it crosses the safe heating levels.
  • Alarm systems are handy as well. Many inverters have this alarm mechanism that alerts truck drivers by making distinct noise whenever any electrical issue is manifesting. Safety from a short circuit is another important feature that you should search for.

Overall, if you maintain all the safety features mentioned, we think you’d be able to get an inverter that does not pose any threats to you or your vehicle.

We thus have researched and selected some quality inverter units for your convenience. Our guide covers both pure and modified sine and features inverters between 2000 to 3000-watt capacities.

5 Best Power Inverters for Semi Trucks

We now will go through 5 different power inverters. Read the detailed analysis and choose your one!

  1. Best for Trucks- BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter
  2. Best for Semi Trucks- GIANDEL 2000W Power Inverter
  3. Best Pure Sine Wave Inverter- AIMS Power PWRI200012120S Pure Sine
  4. Best for Work Van- Cobra CPI2590 Portable Power Inverter
  5. Best Lightwight Inverter for TruckHAITRAL Power Inverter 3000W

1. BESTEK 2000W- Best Power Inverter for Truck Drivers

BESTEK 2000W Power Inverte

Given that you’re looking for the best power inverter for truck, then take a look at our first item on the list: BESTEK’s 2000W power inverter. Let’s go through the several benefits and features it comes to provide you with!


With this 2000 watt power inverter, you get 2300 watt max and 4600 watts surge power output to get more extensive and heavily demanding devices running. It can cover a range of different appliances with three separate 110V outlets. The 2000 output wattage inverter is easily usable to run various electrical devices starting from power tools, Led lights, TV, charging cell phones, gaming consoles, tabs, and laptops, etc.

Safety Features 

Another good part about it is the Multi-Protection technology it offers. If your inverter is not equipped with quality protection equipment, it creates a vacuum that can lead to a severe disaster. That is why the BESTEK 2000 comes equipped with a 50A fuse. Electrical overload protection or underload protection is plus feature on it.

Extra Items

Some other useful items are coming with the package as well. For example, it comes with 4 extra battery clamps. Further, they’re also handing you 6 more pieces of 50 amps fuse for replacements. So, if one gets broken, you have 5 more to go!

Engine Cooling

Heating is one issue you cannot disregard. Especially when an inverter is running for a prolonged period, the issue of warming becomes serious. But, this unit by Bestek has an internal cooling fan. That keeps the heating in check and maintains the temperature level inside it. This gives you an uninterrupted power supply as well as lowers electrical problems.


Portability is always considered to be a crucial factor in inverters. It lets you carry it anywhere with ease. This unit is no different, either. It houses a handle on the machine that helps you take it. Further, it weighs only about 9.53 pounds and is easily carryable.

Despite all the positives mentioned, some issues can persist like some units may find it slightly tricky to ultimately produce the amount of power you require for heavy equipment. But all in all, this can be a good deal for many!


  • 2000 Watt Powerful Inverter
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum Durable Housing
  • 6 Replaceable 50A Fuses
  • Engine Cooling Fan


  • May Find it Difficult to Run Heavy Equipment

2. GIANDEL 2000W- Best Power Inverters for Semi Trucks

GIANDEL 2000W Power Inverter

If you’re looking for the best semi-truck power inverter for work, you should consider this 2000 watts power inverter by Giandel. Let’s find out some of its features, benefits, and downsides!


First, it is the power we’ll talk about. This unit by Giandel provides you with 2000 watts of continuous power output, whereas it gives you a surge of 4000 watts for starting up heavy machinery. It will quickly run lights, fans, TV, Pc, DVD Player, etc while on the road!


Outlets are as important as power. You’d always want your inverter to have more regular AC power outlets and other variants. This unit provides you multiple regular 110V/120V Alternating Current (AC), one USB Ports 2.4 Ac outlets.

Starting Mechanism 

Besides manual start up this power inverter is offering you something unique. Yes, it also comes with a remote fob through which you can turn it on or off within a 15ft radius. Makes your job even easier!

Protective Features

 For a disaster-free inverter experience, your unit must be equipped with features that lower the possibility of dangers. The safety features include over/under voltage protection, short-circuit, and overheating safety. With all these measures, you should feel safe while operating on this one!


Many disregard the housing of an inverter. But this is quite important as well. Because usually, inverters are not bought for use inside the home, instead they’re meant to be used outside in the vehicle.

It has to have a strong and durable outer layer that can protect it from any damage caused by dropping or getting bumped. Well, the strong aluminum alloy material of the housing should provide you with extra toughness and let you take it out anytime you want with no worries!

Weight and Extras

This item is not that heavy, with only 9.33 pounds. It also comes with 2 battery cables and shockproof pads for your convenience.


  • 2000W Rated and 4000W Surge Heavy Power
  • Multiple Options in Control Panel
  • Easy Remote Starting Mechanism
  • Variety of Safety Measures Enabled
  • Extra Tough Housing


  • Can be Prone to Wear and Tear

3. AIMS Power- Best Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Semi Truck

AIMS Power PWRI200012120S

Are you looking for inverters with Pure Sine wave technology-enabled? This 2000 Watts of peak power inverter from Aims Power is just that. We’re about to find out what this pure sine wave power inverter holds in store for you!


Like the previous ones, this too covers 2000 watts of continuous power and 4000 Surge watt power. One thing to remember about the types of power is pure sine wave technology. By pure sine wave inverter power production, it means that power generated in your inverter is equal to or better than the regular grid power that you get in your house. This 2000w watts of power generator can easily run lights, digital display screen, freezer, or oven. Can be a good add-on while on the road.

Soft Start Technology

It is a soft start power inverter, which means energy cost reduction is involved. It also lessens the heating and wipes out any issues related to it.

Safety Features

Tons of safety features are here at your disposal! It is protected from over-temperature and high voltage. Short circuits and low voltage are things that are also being checked and tackled in the safety procedures. The unit comes smartly equipped with a low and high-voltage audible alarm, so you get to know when a high or low voltage is supplied, and you get to turn it off. Overall, the safety features seem excellent for this item!


 Inverters are small-sized power generation equipment. That is why overheating is always an issue to be worried about. To counter such a consequence, Aims Power puts in a cooling fan inside of it. This cooling fan would reduce overheating tendencies and give you uninterrupted, safer power output.

Outlet Options

It performs quite well in terms of providing outlets. Comes with multiple outlet variants such as 2 regular Ac power 110/120V ac power outlets, one GFCI, and one USB Port to charge up phones or tabs.

Weight and Warranty

Weight is slightly higher than the inverters we previously discussed. It weighs around 13 pounds. One good thing about this unit is it provides 24 months of warranty for its customers. But, we’d ask you to still contact and make sure with the manufacturer before purchasing.


  • 2000 Watt Running and 4000 Watt Surge Power
  • Pure Sine Power
  • Soft Start Technology
  • Plenty of Safety Features
  • Variety of Outlets


  • Can Have Displeasing Customer Service Experience

4. Cobra CPI2590- Best Power Inverters for Work Van

Cobra CPI2590

Cobra CPI2590 comes fourth in our list of power inverters. About time we find out the details of this 2500 watt power inverter.


If we talk about power, it provides you more power than the other inverters we discussed earlier. With 2500 running and 5000 peak watts, you’d be able to easily run lights, television, oven, and other regular electric devices. Should be the right choice for a pleasant outdoor experience.

Control Panel

 The good thing about this inverter is, it gives you 3 separate alternating current (AC) 110/120 outlets. Adds more comfortability while getting regular electric devices connected. A USB port is also available to get your smartphone charged directly.

The detailed control panel also gives you a backlit LED light screen that informs you about truck battery, voltage, and power consumption in watts.

Safety Mechanism

Every inverter unit we go through has some sort of safety feature in them. Well, this one is no different, either. It has a protection systems chain called the Cobras Pentagon Protection. It is a blend of 5 different degrees of protection features mechanisms. From thermal shutdown to low voltage issues and reverse polarity, it covers you at each step. Moreover, it keeps you safe during over-voltage and warns you with an alarm system if you experience low voltage issues.

Weight and Warranty

Only 6 pounds in weight. Warranty is always essential in electric devices. Good for you that this device comes with a 2-year warranty. Although the warranty period is mentioned, we’d still ask you to speak with the manufacturer regarding the warranty procedure to avoid future complications.


  • 2500 Watt Running 5000 Peak Heavy Power
  • Variety of Outlets in the Control Panel
  • Plenty of Safety Features
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • Highly Prone to Wear and Tear

5. HAITRAL- Best 3000w Inverter for Semi Truck

HAITRAL Power Inverter 3000W

As the 3000 watt semi-trucks power inverters, what features make it place on our list let’s drive into deep and find out!


The power it gives you is way better than most of the inverters in the class. It gives you 3000 watts in running constant power. While you get a staggering 6000 watts of surge protection power to kickstart almost any heavy machinery you want. With the 3000 watt power, you should be able to run almost everything that a small house may have. From TV sets to lights, and dishwashers. Further, you can add regular electric charging devices like laptops and mobile phones.

Control Panel

The Control panel is pretty basic with 2 regular 110/120 AC power outlets and an On/Off switch.

Safety Features

Safety features are something this device principally focuses on. It has layers of protection from overload, reverse polarity to short circuit protection mechanism. It also protects you from high voltage and high temperature.

Engine Cooling

Power inverters are often quite small in size; thus, they tend to heat up quickly because of the compact design and the surge of power that is emitting from such a tiny space.

To counter such an issue, the inverter has multiple fans in it. They have smartly put fans in both the front and rear sides, reducing the heat and letting you continue generating power.


The housing is supposed to be heavy and strong. As you’d use it for outdoor activities most of the time. Made with aluminum, it should hold out against bumps and drops with no difficulty.


The weight is measured at 7.3 pounds, which shouldn’t be an issue for an average individual to move or carry.


  • 3000 Watt Rated and 6000 Watt Peak High Power
  • Excellent Cooling Mechanism
  • Plenty of Safety Measures
  • Strong Housing
  • Lightweight


  • Can have Issues Running Heavy Equipment

Buying Guides of Best Inverter for Semi Truck

There are tons of things to consider while buying an inverter for your vehicle. Right now, we’d be looking at some of them so that you may make the best choice. Let’s begin:

best power inverter for semi truck


How much wattage an inverter provides you is something that you should always be concerned about. It will determine the number of devices you can play at the same time. To simply put, the more the wattage, the more appliances you can run with it.

So, here is one thing that you should understand in depth. The two wattage systems are known as Rated and Surge. Usually, you count the rate as the actual watt because it continuously gives your power. While the surge lasts for a while and then comes down and is mainly used to start some heavy machinery.

So, keep the wattage differentiation in mind before you get your hands on one of these.

House Built Quality

One thing that the inverters talk about mostly is the construction of the outer layer of it. As this inverter is meant to be fit into a truck and used in outdoor conditions, this is something that you want to be tough.

If the inverter’s outer surface is not strong, the internal equipment may get damaged during outdoor trips. It is better if the housing is made of aluminum material, which makes it stronger and gives the toughness to deal with outdoor conditions.

You will love to read How to Install a Power Inverter in a Van

Engine Cooling System

As we mentioned, inverters are kept in a constricted space where, because of continuously pouring out heavy power, things can heat up. Heating is something that inverters have to deal with every day. Add to it, the weather issue as well. Things can become slightly complex during hot summer with extra heat channeling through the hardware and onto your inverter. How do they counter it?

Because of this constant trouble of overheating, inverters started using their own built-in cooling systems. Most of the inverters we have mentioned have some sort of cooling mechanism involved. We ask you to always make sure the inverter you’re buying has one or multiple cooling fans that works. Some manufacturers give much importance to it and, thus, design their inverters with multiple cooling fans. It is best if you can get one of those. It will keep overheating at bay and give you continuous, uninterrupted power.


Like the other components mentioned, outlets are equally important. They let you connect your inverter to different electronic types of equipment. Look for regular Ac outlets 110/120 Volt battery. These are the most common outlets that are used around the market that we reviewed here. You’ll be able to connect your regular electronic devices directly and with no hassle involved. You can also multiply the number with a multi-plug.

Other features such as battery duration, USB outlet is also useful. With USB ports available, you won’t need to connect your USB charging ports separately. You can just directly plug your smartphone, tabs, or other smart devices with a cable for charging.

Some inverters feature a small LED display screen where you can check the remaining battery level and how long it will support you. This is crucial. Because it informs you how efficiently you should use electricity.

Starting Mechanism

How you’ll power up the inverter is also something that we can talk about. Usually, the inverters have a simple power On/Off switch. Just a simple push is enough to turn it on.

But, some inverters also allow remote control key fob mechanisms to do the job. In this case, you don’t have to be near the inverter to get it started. Rather, just use the key fob within the given radius. And you get electricity instantly without even having to move. So, try going for the ones with the key fob mechanism for extra convenience.

Warranty/ Protection

Now comes the warranty issue. In terms of buying electronics, a warranty is something that you should always try to have, because no matter how good the manufacturer is, you may be unlucky enough to have a faulty unit. If anything of that sort happens and the product isn’t backed up by any warranty, then you’ll not be offered any replacements. And you’ll have to spend from your savings again, to get it fixed.

Why would you want such a nuisance? Better buy inverters that give you a two or one-year limited warranty at the very least. Even if it malfunctions, you have the manufacturer to back you up. They will either solve it for you or provide you with a fresh unit if it cannot be fixed. On the whole, we’ve outlined some of the key features that you should consider if you want the best power inverter for camping. By following this guideline, we’re positive that you’d be able to go through multiple inverters for a better pick.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I use all types of devices with a power inverter?

You can run almost all electric appliances with your inverter. From lights and TVs to microwaves and laptops. The inverter can have issues running heavy-powered appliances, so it is better to have a small talk with the manufacturer on what items should you or should not run with the inverter.

Can I connect more than one battery to the power inverter?

It can be done in theory, but it is a bit complex. Further, it also risks potential electric hazards if not done correctly. So, overall, it is suggested not to use such a sort of technique.

Does a power inverter emit heat?

Yes. They do emit heat, and because of being stationed in a closed space overheating can occur quickly. That is why inverters should come equipped with built-in cooling systems. These cooling fans will keep the heat down, protecting your inverter from any consequences resulting from excessive heating.

Modified Sine Wave vs. Pure Sine Power Inverter – What are the Differences?

Pure sine gives you better quality power whereas the modified sine wave energy does not offer power in that more genuine form. So, it is always better to go for a pure sine power inverter than a modified sine wave.

Here will find more deep and helpful thoughts about- Pure Sine Wave VS Modified Sine Wave Inverter.

Do You Need a Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter?

Yes. It is best to have a pure sine for better power output.

Final Verdict

A truck inverter is an essential piece of equipment for truckers and those on the road. It helps you relax and have a home-like feeling while under severe work pressure. We’ve reviewed five standard inverter units, which may give you the power you require to run your electronic devices.

Inverters give you comfort and make your life more convenient on the road. Why then, are you waiting? Get the best heavy duty power inverter for trucks right now, get it set up, and instantly experience the on-road living experience!

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