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5 Best Pressure Washer For Foam Cannon in 2022

When looking for the best pressure washer for foam cannon, electric pressure washers are the best choice. Since you need to switch on/off them frequently, this option comes in handy by stopping the spray gun.

However, many combined pressure washers with foam cannons don’t have a decent quality.  If you already have a top-grade foam cannon and are looking for a high-quality pressure washer, we can help you with that.

Choosing a dedicated pressure washer requires picking the proper pressure and flow (PSI & GPM) as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Go through this review session to find the most compatible pressure washer for the best results.

Quick Summary

“A high powerful motor with excellent GPM and PSI rating makes it an ideal for performing different washing projects.”

“This pressure washer comes with a low price tag without compromising its washing performance in different ways.”

“Its mobile cart design provides high versatility to utilize it various washing projects.”

“It has only a15 pounds lightweight machine to provide portability to work conveniently.”

“The washer can show high compatibility and a reliable performance for snow foam.”

5 Best Pressure Washer For Foam Cannon

A wide range of pressure washers are available in the market, but not all have the perfect compatibility and can show reliable performance. Here we picked five top-quality pressure washers that are popular among car owners, gardeners, and others.

1. Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High Pressure Washer

Not all electrical pressure washers can show as good performance as the Sun Joe SPX3000 can. This high-quality pressure washer comes with an 1800-watt motor with 2030 PSI, handling the most challenging jobs.

Moreover, it features a 1.76 GPM rating to ensure sufficient water flow for cleaning large areas easily. Since the unit has a great combination of GPM and PSI, you can utilize it in various tasks such as vehicle washing, garden cleaning, building, footpath cleaning, etc.

Sun Joe added a Sun Joe two 0.9 L onboard detergent tanks, which are enough to clean or wash several things for a long time. You have the accessibility to detach and change the detergent tank if you want.

Additionally, the unit comes with a 20 feet hose, great for washing your small vehicles and areas. But you can purchase an extra hose and attach it with the old hose to extend your accessibility.

One noticeable thing about this best electric pressure washer is its Total Stop System (TSS). When you release the trigger, the water will stop flowing automatically.

This makes it energy efficient. Most importantly, the overall lifespan of the pump will increase since you’re protecting the pump from overheating.


  • Comes 2030 PSI for cleaning tough dirt and grime
  • A 1.76 GPM rating to provide adequate water flow
  • Two 0.9 L onboard detergent tanks for long-term use
  • TSS system to make the device energy efficient


  • Hose length could be longer

2. WHOLESUN- Best Pressure Washer for Cars

WHOLESUN Electric Pressure Washer. High Pressure Cleaner Machine Foam Cannon for Cars and Homes

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly pressure washer without digging into your bank account, this model from the WHOLESUN brand can be a perfect choice.

The unit comes with a 1600-Watt motor, generating up to 3000 PSI. Plus, it can release up to 2.4 gallons of water per minute. Cleaning or washing various vehicles, surfaces, things, or areas will be easy-going for this beast.

A polymer corrosion-resistant detergent bottle is included for this washer to create thick foam and rich bubbles, allowing you to wash and remove tough stuff easily.

Furthermore, the unit comes with a leakproof and thick metal connection for the hose to prevent the washer from getting “smooshed.” This helps you save water while doing your task more quickly and conveniently.

Like our first pick, this electric pressure washer also comes with a TSS system to stop the water flow when you release the trigger. This ensures long service for the pump.  

Aside from that, WHOLESUN offered a 33 ft power cord with inline GFCI, which can save you from possibly lethal electrocutions and electric shocks.

You’ll appreciate their 2-year warranty service. Users can get their customer support anytime they want.


  • A great combination of PSI and GPM rating for effective washing
  • Polymer corrosion-resistant detergent bottle to create better foam quality
  • Leakproof and thick metal connected hose
  • Lengthy and protective power cord to prevent electric shocks


  • The soap dispenser is a little bit small

3. Stanley Electric Pressure Washer

Stanley Electric Pressure Washer

Wondering how to get a versatile pressure washer? Your wait is over! This electric pressure washer comes with a mobile cart design.

You don’t have to carry it on your hands or back since the unit stands along on its own. It has a 35 feet power cord, meaning you’ll have great accessibility from the electrical source. 

The pressure washer comes with 1.4 GPM and 2050 PSI, which are enough to easily do low to medium-duty tasks. In fact, many users rated it as one of the best pressure washers for washing cars.

You’ll appreciate its 2-in-1 design, meaning users can use the machine with or without a cart based on their preference. This makes the unit highly portable. Plus, you can store it conveniently.

 Besides, the washer includes a soft and flexible high-pressure hose that can save water by releasing water long distances. You can use it in various angles, giving you the flexibility to easily reach challenging areas of your vehicles.  

Other than these, the pressure washer has quality fittings to ensure no leaking for a prolonged time. Removing the electrical wire after finishing your project is easy-going as you can rotate the end of the handle.

Since the electric washer comes with a standard quick-release attachment, users are free to utilize various types of soap dispensers to wash vehicles.


  • 2-in-1 design for simple use and easy storage
  • A soft and flexible high-pressure hose to save water
  • 35 feet power cord for better accessibility from a distance
  • A standard quick-release attachment to compatible with many soap dispensers


  • No soap dispensing with the high-pressure heads

4. Rock&Rocker- Best Foam Cannon and Pressure Washer Combo

Rock&Rocker Electric Pressure Power Washer

This device comes at an affordable price while being a powerful machine. Its 1.6GPM water flow and 2300 PSI water pressure can be reliable for various projects.

Whether it’s a simple task or a medium heavy-duty task, utilizing this electric pressure may exceed your expectation.

The unit comes with easy-to-adjust nozzles, making your washing task easier by covering any angle needed. This provides reliable and accurate results. Appropriately fill up the soap cannon and adjust the nozzles based on your project requirement.

Carrying the electric pressure washer is hassle-free since it weighs only 15lb. In addition, a 26ft hose is included, which has a decent flow rate to release water from a greater distance. It has a simple hook to store it conveniently after using it.

Moreover, the unit features a Total Stop System (TSS), which main task is stopping the machine instantly when you’re not using it. This saves your electricity as well as water.

You don’t have to worry about safety since its 35ft power cord is equipped with inline GFCI. It ensures no leakage issues to any electrical current. This saves you from facing unwanted electrical shocks or electrical fires.


  • 1.6GPM water flow and 2300 PSI ensure a better performance
  • Adjustable spray pressure nozzle to cover various angles
  • 15 pounds lightweight construction to provide portability
  • Ensures extended safety by adding inline GFCI for a power cord


  • A little bit hard to disassemble after using it

5. AR Blue Clean AR390SS

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer

If you’re in the market for the best pressure washer for snow foam, this model might be your ultimate ticket.

The AR Blue washer comes with 2000 PSI water pressure and a 4 GPM water flow rate. Handling various challenging projects is easy-going for this beast.

Instead of including several detergent tanks, the unit features only a 48 oz. detergent tank. This is more than enough to run the machine for several hours continuously. Plus, it saves space for the device.

Accessing several hard-to-reach areas will be trouble-free as the washer has a 30-foot high-pressure hose. It generates enough pressure to clean tough dirt and grimes on various surfaces easily.

You’ll like its adjustable nozzles, which have four different quick-change options to utilize at different angles and conditions. Using this machine means you’re saving electrical power and water due to advanced and improved design.

Unlike gas pressure washers, this high-quality pressure washer does merely make any noise while operating it. In addition, assembling the machine is hassle-free due to its ergonomic design.


  • 2000 PSI water pressure and 4 GPM show great result
  • A 48 oz. detergent tank to save space and cover long time tasks
  • Four different quick-change options for the adjustable nozzles
  • A 30-foot high-pressure hose to cover hard-to-reach areas 


  • The soap dispenser is a little bit temperamental

Power Washer Vs Pressure Washer: The Showdown

Both power washers and pressure washers create a vigorous flow of high-pressure water.

The primary difference between a power washer and a pressure washer is that power washers release hot water while pressure washers only release normal temperature water.

Pressure washers are a common option in households for removing dirt and dust from the vehicle and other surfaces. They’re ideal for using everyday household tasks, which require being harsher on surfaces.

On the other hand, power washers effectively remove tough dirt and residues from various surfaces by adding a high-pressure stream of very hot water. They’re suitable for commercial usage or any vast tasks.

Gas Vs Electric Pressure Washer for Car Washing: Which One Do You Need

The primary difference between the gas pressure washer and electric pressure washer is how fast the water flows, mainly known as PSI.

Generally, PSI for pressure washers ranges between 500 and 2000. On the contrary, a gas pressure washer will have a minimum of 2500 PSI. It can be as high as 400 PSI.

If you want to do regular cleaning and remove tough dirt and dust from your car surface, electrical pressure washers will be an ideal option.

Gas pressure washers are a better option for doing heavy-duty jobs, such as removing old paint from the vehicle. It’s mainly suitable for commercial purposes.

Another core difference between these pressure washers is that electric pressure washers can be automatically turned off when the spray gun stops.

But you need to turn off the gas pressure washers manually. Continuously running them for several minutes may damage your car surface since they’ve got an extremely high flow of water.

GPM Vs. PSI: What Makes a Pressure Washer More Effective?

The cleaning capability of pressure washers depends on two factors Gallons per Minute (GPM) and Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). Understanding both of them is necessary to know what your pressure washer can do.

The GPM of a pressure washer implies how much water will release every minute through the nozzle. When more water comes in every minute, it can remove more dirt and dust from the particular surface.

On the contrary, how quickly the water will be released through the nozzle will be determined by PSI. Simply put, it’s all the force it creates to burst away tougher dirt and residues from surfaces.

Higher GPM over PSI is mainly necessary for commercial purposes as they need to clean large spaces or surfaces within a short time. But they often also need higher PSI-based pressure washers for removing paints and other extremely tough residues.

Buying Guides of Pressure Washer

Several important factors are needed to check out when getting the best pressure washer for foam cannon. Or else, you might just end up wasting your money – who knows!

Correct thickness of foam

Not all pressure washers will create the right level of thick foam. Unless it creates enough thick foam, you can’t clean the dirt and greases, especially the tougher ones.

Gas Pressure Washers Vs Electric Pressure Washers

Many people recommend using gas pressure washers for thicker foams. But you can still get dense foams from an electric pressure washer if you choose a little bit higher GPM rating. 

Since most of us use it for household purposes, electric pressure washers are better because they don’t create excessive sounds.

What should be the GPM?

Make sure your electric pressure washer has a minimum of 1.75 GPM rating. Though you can use fewer rating options, they won’t use enough foams to clean tougher dirt. They’ll have more liquid consistency.

Combination of PSI And GPM

So, how you’ll determine the overall power of your pressure washer? Multiple the PSI x GPM. This will give an accurate overview of the cleaning power of a pressure washer.

The higher the result, the better will its performance be. But you need also consider other components, which are included inside a pressure washer. After all, all of them must have compatibility to work together for the most efficient result.

Spray Tips

There’re mainly two types of spray tips available for most pressure washers: quick connect and treaded. You can use any of them as they’re interchangeable.

However, quick-connect spray tips are more popular choices since they give you more control by conveniently controlling the overall speed of the pressure washer.


For a pressure washer hose, you want to check out its length and material. Most pressure washers come in 50’ or 100’ length, enough for household tasks.

 But, it depends on the area or surface you want to clean. A longer length is a better option if you’re going to reach a more deep place or apply water from a distance.

A pressure washer hose can be made from three materials: rubber, PVC, OR steel braided polyurethane. The rubber material makes the hose most practical for working in wet conditions, while PVC material is affordable.

On the other hand, the steel braided polyurethane is the most expensive option because it’s highly durable, flexible, and doesn’t prone to marring.


  • How big of a pressure washer do I need for foam cannon?

According to most experts, your pressure washer must have a minimum of 1.75 GPM and 1100 PSI rating to get a decent cleaning experience for any surface or area.

However, it depends on how stubborn the dirt or residue is to remove. You may need a high rating of GPM and PSI based on the job you want to do.

  • How much PSI does a foam cannon need?

Generally, you’ll need a pressure washer between 1,000 and 3,000 PSI rating for your foam cannon. A pressure washer with 1,400 to 2,500 PSI will be enough to do light and medium-duty tasks.

But it must be compatible with your pressure washer. Otherwise, it may not work smoothly or create enough foam to clean the surface or area efficiently.

  • Does a foam cannon need special soap?

Though regular soap appears okay for foam cannons, choosing a decent soap that suds up efficiently will give a better result. It’ll be effective in removing accumulated grime and dirt easily. However, some soap creates thicker foam than others while using the same foam cannon and pressure water model.

  • Is 2000 PSI too much to wash a car?

Yes, 2000 PSI can be harsh for your vehicle surface if you’re using it to remove only tougher grime and dirt. It may paint off some portions of your vehicle surface.

Generally, 1500 PSI is enough to clean any stubborn dirt or grime from your car. Most importantly, you’re less likely to cause any damage to your vehicle.


When you’re searching for a dedicated pressure washer for intermittent use, electrical pressure washers perform better. Their efficient pumps’ cooling system makes them highly compatible with various types of foam canons.

So, which one appeared as the best pressure washer for foam cannon after going through this review session? We know all five pressure washers are high in quality, reliability, and durability. They’re best in different categories.

You just need to determine what type of washing projects you’re going to do more often and choose a particular one that seems the most appropriate to fulfill the specific task.

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