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5 Best Spray Gun for Metallic Paint in 2022

Spraying on bigger metal objects requires selecting a dedicated spray gun to tackle the paint job smoothly. After all, metal paint needs a little bit more effort to protect the surface for a prolonged time.

When choosing the best spray gun for metallic paint, you can’t overlook its ease of usability and cleanability. This will affect your painting pattern.

Here, we’ve compiled our list with some top-rated spray guns to make light work of tedious painting jobs. These mighty power tools will perfectly replace your worn brushes and tired roller.

Read our comprehensive guide to figure out the best one!

5 Best Spray Gun for Metallic Paint

For metallic paint, a wide range of spray guns is out there. We’ve chosen the top 5 options among them that can suit different projects’ demands and personal preferences.

1. Graco-Sharpe 288880 HVLP Spray Gun

Graco-Sharpe 288880 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun

Reliability and versatility are a must when looking for the best metallic paint spray gun. This model can be a perfect pick for this purpose.

Plus, it’s a beginner-friendly best HVLP spray gun, which comes with an easy-to-use design. Its 1.1 pounds lightweight construction allows you smoothly control your metallic painting direction.

The tip size of this spray gun is 1.4 mm, which is an ideal option for metallic paintings. You won’t experience any mottling or streaking issues as the droplet size can independently handle it.

Cleaning this reliable gun is trouble-free after completing your painting job since it comes with a plastic cup. Again, you won’t have to face any hassle to store it conveniently due to its compact design.

Plus, Graco-Sharpe used aluminum, stainless steel, and engineered plastic to craft this high-quality spray gun, lasting for several years easily.

Performing your everyday projects smoothly and outstandingly with this primary spray gun appears easy-going. This unit is a gravity feed spray gun, so you’ll require less air pressure to atomize the paint.


  • Weighs only 1.1 Pounds to offer a lightweight feel
  • Simple and compact design to paint easily
  • Versatile to use for various painting projects
  • Includes a plastic cup for easier cleaning


  • The plastic cup may need to replace periodically



When it comes to choosing a top-quality spray gun, PNTGREEN is a reliable brand to consider. This budget-friendly spray gun can satisfy your high demand for metallic painting jobs without breaking your bank.

The unit comes with 20 Fl Oz size, covering up to 30 square feet though it depends on your paint viscosity and application method.

Doing basecoats and clearcoats on metallic objects will be easy-going since it’s equipped with a 1.4 mm tip. Even you can go for single-stage paints because a 1.4 mm tip is known as an all-around tip.

What’s more, its lightweight construction ensures no fatigue issues even after several hours of painting. You don’t have to worry about over-spraying since it comes with a 230-260 spray width rate.

Aside from that, controlling the painting amount will be no hassle since an adjustment knob is equipped for this tool. This gives extra convenience to paint metallic surfaces correctly based on the requirement of your painting project.


  • Comes with 20 Fl Oz size to cover up to 30 square feet
  • Impressive fluid consistency to provide even coatings on the metal surface
  • Features an adjustable knob to control painting amount
  • Prevents over-painting to ensure cost-effectiveness


  • Some customers complained about clogging issues

3. ROIKETU- Best HVLP Spray Gun for Cars

ROIKETU 2 Set HVLP Air Gravity Spray Gun Feed Car Paint

This unit is a perfect choice if you’re searching for a large-capacity spray gun. It comes with a 600ml feed cup so that you can spray effectively on various metallic surfaces without frequent refilling.

The spray gun features high atomization with a low nozzle air pressure design, which provides high transfer painting efficiency.

If you’re in doubt about choosing a perfect tip size, you can choose this 1.4mm universal tip. It works efficiently for base coats and is thicker clear.

Plus, it has three built-in control knobs allowing you to control the quantity of paint you want to spray. Not just this, adjusting the fan pattern size is also possible using a pattern control switch.

Besides, you can adjust airflow with the air adjustment valve. It grants a high level of versatility to work on various projects conveniently.

The spray gun comes with around 75% transfer efficiency to cover more area with minimized overspray and waste. Also, it delivers 10% less psi output pressure for improved flow out.


  • Comes with 3 Built-in Control Knobs for efficient painting
  • Large feed cup to paint for a reasonable time continuously
  • Outstanding transfer efficiency rate to minimize overspray and waste
  • Suitable to use on various types of metallic


  • Fixed nozzle size that lacks versatility

4. Master Pro 44 Series- Best Automotive HVLP Spray Gun

Master Pro 44 Series

This spray gun can show outmatched performance to paint on various surfaces, such as viscosity paint coating materials apart from metallic surfaces.

The spray gun comes with a 1.3mm tip size, an ideal option for thinner base coats. You can also utilize it for regular clear coats and single-stage paints. 

Master Pro uses advanced atomization technology for its needle, nozzle, and air cap system to achieve a perfect fan pattern and get topcoat finishes. This beginner-friendly spray gun can help you get professional finishes.

Besides, whether you want to do premiers, clear coats, viscosity paints, or base coats, it gives you the versatility to use it for various purposes. 

And worrying about refilling the spray gun while working on large projects? This spray gun features a 1-liter aluminum cup capacity, allowing you to paint spray for an extended time without the need to refill frequently.

Not all spray guns are compatible to use with the latest automotive paint coatings. Since the HVLP Spray Gun is equipped with high-grade stainless-steel materials, it can work with them effortlessly.


  • User-friendly design to get professional-grade finishes
  • Simple to maintain and clean with all the required tools
  • Latest atomization technology for needle, nozzle, and air cap system
  • Ideal for automotive paint coatings due to top-notch stainless-steel


  • Price could be less

5. BATAVIA- Best HVLP Spray Gun for Cabinets and furnitures

BATAVIA Paint Sprayer, HVLP Electric Spray Gun

Our list will appear incomplete without this portable master. This BATAVIA Paint Sprayercomeswith four nozzles from 1.5 mm to 3.0 mm, allowing you to paint regular and thick coatings as you need.

Furthermore, it offers three spray patterns. With those, whether you want to achieve round, vertical oval, or horizontal patterns, it can fulfill your painting demands.

Thanks to its comfy soft grip, holding this lightweight and portable paint sprayer for several hours doesn’t seem any issues at all. You can easily lift it up and down. You can effortlessly store the unit since it has a hanging hook.

Apart from that, the spray gun includes a control knob to adjust the flow rate of the painting. This prevents over-spraying and allows you to get the painting job done precisely.

Cleaning the paint sprayer is pretty simple as you can conveniently remove several parts to clean the entire unit.


  • 4 nozzles adjustments to get regular and thick coatings
  • 3 spray patterns for different shapes of the painting
  • Equipped with a soft and cushioning grip to comfortably hold it
  • Easy to adjust the flow rate using the control knob


  • Some customers complained about overheating issues

How to Choose the Best Spray Guns for Metallic Painting?

When you want to pick the best spray gun, you can’t overlook the following factors given below.

Simple Cleaning

Spray guns are required to clean frequently. After all, their durability and performance depend on how properly you clean them.

If they’re hard to clean, you may feel unease using them. So, make sure your spray gun is simple to assemble, disassemble, and clean. 

Air Pressure Rating

In order to paint your metallic part, there’s no fixed or definite rule about the recommended air pressure rating. But they’re mainly two types to consider: LVLP and HVLP.

LVLP-type spray guns have more air pressure to quickly spray the surface, while HVLP-type spray guns offer reduced air pressure to spray slowly.

However, HVLP spray guns can show more efficiency than LVLP spray guns since they release pressure slowly.

Pressure Adjustability

Not all paint surfaces will need the same level of pressure. Some may need a high speed, or others may work better with medium or low pressure.

Choosing a spray gun with an adjustable pressure control will help you precisely do the painting job.


Metallic paints come in various types, such as liquor paints, latex paints, etc. Before choosing a particular spray gun, make sure it’s compatible to use in several kinds of paints.

Otherwise, you may need to purchase extra spray guns to use the particular paint material.


You may need to work several hours continuously to finish the painting job. But it may cause fatigue issues when it’s too heavy to hold.

That’s why try to choose a lightweight spray gun that doesn’t stress your hands while holding it for several hours.

Paint Cup Volume

A Spray gun that can hold a large amount of paint allows you to use them without refilling them frequently.

However, it increases the overall weight, which will make you uncomfortable to hold the gun for a long time.

That’s why experts recommend not to choose a spray gun with an excessive volume of paint unless you need them. 

Maintaining a balance between volume and weight will help you get the best experience for the painting task. You can choose the standard volume for a spray gun, which is 8-8.5 fluid ounces.


Not all spray guns will have long-lasting durability when you use them regularly. Choosing a stainless steel-type spray gun is better than others since it can last for a decent period. Apart from durability, they’re safe to use.


Painting on metallic surfaces can be a trouble and tedious task unless you have the best spray gun for metallic paint. After all, you want to achieve the best glossy finish with proper and perfect coatings in all areas.

Our above recommendation spray guns will surely uplift your painting performance. However, our editors pick the Graco-Sharpe 288880 as the best one due to its durable and compact construction, standard tip size, and, most importantly, simple air pressure system.

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