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6 Best Sump Pump Float Switch Reviews in 2022

Sump Pumps are directly connected to your home drainage system. The float switches are a part of the sump pump which requires it to be installed for activating the pump and the motor. These are used to measure the minimum water level inside the chamber. Depending upon the water level, the switch activates and deactivates the pump.

It is quite important to know in detail about the best sump pump float switch. Because there are different variations available in the market. You need to pick the best-suited switch for your pump otherwise it will create a disaster in your drainage system.

Top 6 Best Float Switch for Sump Pump List

  1. THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG BWC1 Universal Replacement Sump Pump Float Switch
  2. Parts 2O FP18-15BD-P2 Sump Pump Float Switch
  3. HydroCheck Sump Pump Float Switch with Hi-Lo Dual Sensors and Built-in Alarms
  4. The”SludgeBoss” Heavy Duty Float Switch
  5. Rule 35A Rule-A-Matic Bilge Pump Float Switch
  6. Briidea Hi-Lo Sump Pump Controller with Dual Float Switch and Overload Protection

The Best Sump Pump Float Switch Reviews with Buying Guide

In this section, we shall look at the detailed specifications and features of the best available float switches.

1. THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Model BWC1 Universal Replacement Sump Pump Float Switch


Basement Watchdogs are famous for making drainage pumps and side accessories. The BWC1 Model from the Basement Watchdog is designed to be compatible with most of the sumps pumps in the marketplace.

This float switch is quite large to detect ¼ of the water level in the drainage system. Its quick response system instantly activates the pump by detecting the level of the water.

Along with the primary switch, the second float switch makes sure the activation of the pump is in the required time.

The BWC1 float switches are enclosed in protective cages. It makes sure the switches remain safe from external impacts. Besides, the float remains uninterrupted from the wires and debris. The internal of the switch remains vented with consistent regulation of air. Its round bottom keeps the debris from accumulating in place.

This dual float switch system comes with a stainless steel clamp suitable for 1-½” and 1-¼” of pipes. Moreover, it is designed to be easily installable by itself.

This float switch is programmed to allow the sump pump to remain activated for 10 seconds extra to drain excess water from the sump pit.


  • Quick response time
  • Secured from debris and wires
  • Easy and fast installation
  • No need to call an expert
  • Provides extended time of the run


  • Needs very accurate and precise height of installation
  • Cord length is not long enough

2. Parts 2O FP18-15BD-P2 Sump Pump Float Switch- Best Sump Pump Switch

Parts 2O FP18-15BD-P2 Sump Pump Float Switch

This sump pump switch is made of high-quality and dense plastic material. This makes the switches very durable for a long-lasting experience. Moreover, the higher-end switches can handle external impacts of pressure to keep the system safe from damage.

The sump pump switch is the tether version for a simple design. Its piggyback design makes it easily installable on most of the failed switches. You do not require any special tools or call for an expert for installation. More importantly, in cases of emergency, the design can be quickly connected to save the basement from overflow by activating the pump.

It comes with a reinstalled 10ft cord making it long enough to get an easy electrical connection. The vertical tilt system of this float switch responds very quickly in case water rises.

This float switch can easily convert most of the utility pumps to automatic ones without any hassle. Therefore, the pump becomes automatically activated and saves your time and labor from manual activation.

You have the authority to replace the vertical switch if the diameter of the sump is 14”. This method provides clearance for operation.


  • Can be installed swiftly
  • No requirement for any special tools
  • Works automatically
  • Have a highly effective range
  • Very durable and sturdy


  • Slight delay occurs
  • Makes loud noises

3. HydroCheck Sump Pump Float Switch- Best Electronic Sump Pump Switch

HydroCheck Sump Pump Float Switch

This switch comes with dual sensors integrated into 12ft of cord. The device module itself needs to be attached to the electric socket. Therefore, much less space is required for the installment.

The sensors are programmed to show higher and lower limits. You are allowed to set the limit of the water flow and activation time of the pump. All you need is to increase and decrease the length between the sensors.

This float switch works very accurately because of the limiting sensors. When the water touches the upper limit, then the main pump gets activated immediately. The water continues to get pumped unless it touches the lower limit. Therefore, the entire process works automatically.

Again, the dual sensor design minimizes the cycle of the pump flow by a continuous water pump. As a result, the lifespan of the motor of the pump gets elongated.

It is designed to be compatible with all the pumps in the world with a current flow of fewer than 15 amps.

The built-in safety feature and alarm system warn you immediately if the module detects a malfunction. You can be alert and prepared and so the amount of damage can be controlled very easily.


  • Does not require any maintenance or cleaning
  • Does not get damaged easily
  • Instant response time
  • Simple installation process
  • No need for any special tool for installation


  • May fail sometimes because of sensor blockage
  • Dangerous to handle

4. The”SludgeBoss” Heavy Duty Float Switch- Best Sewage Pump Float Switch

he"SludgeBoss" Heavy Duty Float Switch

This float switch is specially designed for suspended solids. You need to worry about the interference anymore. It comes with 20ft and 33ft versions. Therefore depending upon the requirement you can pick the float switch of the required length. This increases the effectiveness of the device.

The float switch works independently. That means there is no requirement of tether and cable weights to make it work. The Piggyback Plug activates the pump automatically when the Water level raises above the Float.

It directly controls the pumps with 0.5 HP which works with the voltage level of 120V. Since it does not contain any mercury (Hg) which is quite toxic for the environment makes it a sustainable device.

You can conveniently use all the sumps pumps, septic pumps, and other water applications as well. Its Honeywell micro switch makes sure to operate 100000 times. The PVC coating on the cable makes it safe for all electrical connections.

The Sludgeboss Float Switch comes with float dimensions of 2” radius and 6” length. Besides, the lightweight construction reduces its weight to only 2 lbs. As a result, it does not eat up much space and makes installation very easy.


  • Environment friendly
  • Straightforward usage
  • High-quality construction of the cord and module
  • Immediate response time
  • Good compatibility


  • Relatively expensive than other products
  • No integrated warning system in case of system failure

5. Rule 35A Rule-A-Matic – Best Bilge Pump Float Switch

Rule 35A Rule-A-Matic Bilge Pump Float Switch

Rule’s 35A float switch features abrasion-resistant and high-quality marine-grade wire technology. It confirms continuous electric flow for consistent pump working.

The switch can be quickly and easily removed from the base. It allows you to clean the switch anytime required. This ensures regular maintenance for a good lifespan and service from the switch.

It is designed to be easily installable on any type of electric socket with 120V compatibility and diameter. You will require no extra tool or pair hand for its installation process.

The high-density plastic material with a 100% sealing body makes the switch very safe for construction and running with sump pumps. Besides, it is made of a completely Mercury-free design that ensures sustainability. Mercury is quite harmful to animals and the environment as well. This mercury-free tool ensures the safety of the environment.

The Float Switch will turn on the pump automatically when the water level reaches 2″. And it will switch off the pump again when the level falls to ¾”.


  • Requires very less amount of space for installation
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Can be used with all types of pumps
  • Ensures instant action
  • Highly durable and endured


  • A very short length of the electric cord
  • No alarm system has been integrated

6. Briidea Hi-Lo Sump Pump Controller- Best Dual Float Switch for Sump Pump

Briidea Hi-Lo Sump Pump Controller with Dual Float Switch

For installing this float switch the sump pump requires less than one Horse Power. This float switch is sensor-based.

The sensors are connected with very long wires. Therefore, it gives you the liberty to determine the limit and activating height of the pump. This can be easily adjusted from ½” to 20’ depth. Since the range is not limited you can easily alter the range of the pump activation according to your need.

Its piggyback-designed module makes the work quite simple. All you need is to mount the switch module in the electric socket. And then simply plug in the main connection of the pump to the module.

The Module is made of a strong polymer of framework that keeps the system running effectively. Its sensors are made of stainless steel making it anti-corrosive and rust-free. As a result, you do not require giving extra time for the cleaning and maintenance process.

This float switch device has an LED indicator of two lights. The Red and Green Light indicators are very useful for making sure the system is working perfectly and the level of water level is minimized.


  • Indicates the status of the pumping
  • Convenient installation process
  • No need for experts assistance
  • Works swiftly for instant activation
  • Adjustable range of limit of the water level


  • Compatible for indoor use only
  • Requires regular inspection

Things to Keep in Mind for Best Float Switch

Not all float switches will go with your sump pump. The following points should be kept in mind for picking the best-suited float switch.

Compatibility with the Sump Pump

Though most of the sump pumps are compatible with all available float switches. But the tether and vertical float switches have slightly different compatibility. Again, many float switches do not support sump pumps with a higher power.

You can pick the tether float switches for the sump pumps with power higher than 0.5 HP. On the contrary, you can choose the vertical float switches for sump pumps having less than 1HP.

Tether Float Switch Types

Tether Float switches work on the principle of the model getting flipped due to raised water levels. The switch gets raised and turns the activating pump when the limit is reached.

This type of float switch is required for the slow flow of water and accumulation. You can get this if you have a very large basin for water.

Vertical Float Switch

With almost similar working principles like tether float switch, the vertical float switches activate when they get flipped. These float switches are good for comparatively smaller basins. It is better to keep the tethering limit in range otherwise due to excess water flow the switch may get stuck.

Electronic Sensor Switch

These switches for sump pumps are more effective than the conventional methods. It also gives you more flexibility in usage. Moreover, these are independent of the range of water.

If you want to alter the limit of the activation of the pump then this switch works the best. It automatically activates when the water level touches the upper limit. In a similar way, when the water level reaches the lower limit, pumps get turned off. It is easy and simple to install. Besides, it does not require any sort of maintenance.

Cord Length

The cord lengths of the float switch are important for proper functioning. If you have a larger basin with a high diameter then cord length 20-33ft should be picked. Again, if the basin is smaller then 15ft of the cord would do the work.

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This section covers up the most asked questions of the float switches for sump pumps.

What type of float should the sump pump have?

The power of the sump and the size of the water basin determines the type of float of the switch. Generally, the float switches are of 4 types. These are vertical, tether, piggyback, and electronic float switches.

Can you replace the sump pump float switch?

Sump Pump float switches are replaceable. You can easily replace it with the newer and latest model of float switches. If the pump system does not activate automatically to keep the water level within the limit then the float should be replaced as soon as possible.

Do I need a float switch for the sump pump?

The float switch for a sump pump regulates the water level automatically. It keeps the hassle of manually turning on and off the sump pump. It turns the pumping system completely automated. That is why you need to purchase a float switch for the sump pump.


Sump pumps are an important part of the drainage system of your house. It helps to maintain the water level and drives away the excess water from different sources especially in the rainy season.

Controlling the sump pump manually is a headache. Besides, most of the sump pumps are placed under the basement. For this reason, it is better to get the best sump pump float switch. It completely turns the system to be automated.

The watchdog BCW1 will be a good option if you have the budget because it is durable, compatible with high-powered pumps. Having a budget limit you can pick the Parts2O” FP18-15BD-P2 because of its easy installation, minimum maintenance, and good effectiveness.

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