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5 Best Water Powered Backup Sump Pump – 2022 Reviews

When it comes to basement flooding, most of our top hit list is battery-powered sump pumps. But are they as reliable as the company preaches their product is?

Lurking in the bush, there is always the fear of the battery running out and a sudden power cut. For which more and more people are opting for water bowered backup sump pumps.

But things become complicated only when you try to get your hands on the best from innumerable alternatives. Easing to find the best water powered backup sump pump, we dug down the pile of products. After strenuous research and analysis, we have put together a list to meet your need best.

Run your eyes thoroughly over the article for the best overview without any delay.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Editor’s Choice – Liberty Pumps SJ10

Having fully assembled the Liberty Pumps SJ10 is capable of providing long-term service and can move unlimited water.

Best Budget – Zoeller 540-0005 FLEX Sump Pump

Zoeller works so fast and it is productive against flooding. And also budget-oriented.

Best Value – Basepump HB1000 Sump Pump

Basepump HB1000 has the highest pumping rates in the industry. It will give you great value for sure.

5 Best Water Powered Backup Sump Pump Reviews

So no further ado! Let’s go deep and reveal the untold myth which is the best water powered sump pump in our top 5 lists.

1. Liberty Pumps SJ10 SumpJet Water Powered Back-Up Pump

Liberty Pumps SJ10 SumpJet Water Powered Back-Up Pump

You know!  The Liberty Pumps SJ10 is undoubtedly the top-notch and most famous one for its own vibe.

Hence, Liberty SJ10 great pump is can clear under 20 GPH (Gallon Per-Hour) from the pump shaft. It is an adequate amount to keep your home dry. Can able to move unlimited water.

Furthermore, the overall record of this machine is superb in a word. It takes around 20 seconds to pump down the water. The pump’s system can remove 2 gallons of water for every 1 pumping! Quite astonishing, right!?

The Liberty SJ10 Pump comes in a full pack. You don’t need to assemble any parts as the manufacturing company does this for the customers.

Moreover, you’ll also get the instruction and an installation manual with this machine. One of very well-organized and an affordable device that will take care of your budget along with your home.


  • Releases up to 1,185 gallons of water per hour.
  • The brand will give the product full assembled
  • An efficient and inexpensive machine
  • It is highly reliable with a magnificent track record over the years
  • Good value for money
  • Works well during a power outage and heavy flooding


  • Sometime create much noise
  • Length of water pipe and float is not match able

2. Zoeller 540-0005 FLEX Sump Pump

Zoeller 540-0005

One of the best features of Zoeller is, you can install both horizontally or vertically and the pump doesn’t need electricity or batteries to run. Moreover, this pump is proficient in resisting flooding your basement area. It can prevent even the power is unavailable for a long time.

Further, the float mechanism works so well. Pumping speed is absolute fast as it can pump the water at 1200gph and the efficiency of the product is captivating. The Zoeller 540-0005 FLEX Sump Pump can dispose of around 1200 gallons of water per hour.

This is a fascinating machine and can give you peace of mind whenever you’re on a vacation or the power goes out. On top of that, the design is exceptional. The product also comes at a low price. So, you can put your money into a flex sump pump.


  • Very convenient to install
  • The float mechanism works superbly
  • You can do both horizontal or vertical installation
  • Don’t require electricity or battery to run
  • Don’t need so much money to buy
  • 3-year warranty


  • New product
  • Wasted lots of water

3. Basepump HB1000 Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

Basepump HB1000-PRO Premium

Are you in a tense situation due to the small basement of your home? Ok, don’t worry. Basepump Sump Pump is here for you. The pumping rate of Basepump ranges from 1000 to 1500 gallons. Further, Hb10000 is one of the highest pumping rates in the industry. Not only that but it is also widely regarded as one of the most dependable pumps.

The pump consists of a dual check valve backflow preventer. It doesn’t need a battery, charger, or electricity to run. During a power outage, this pump can provide a great backup. It is tirelessly green with a discharge ratio of 1:2 based on your municipal water strain.

Meanwhile, you can face problems with a pump to set on the pump hole due to the smaller size. But, you won’t have to face a similar nuisance with Basepump Hb1000. It can be mounted on the ceiling or high above the sump. The gadget uses a floating hydraulic system. As a result, there’s almost zero hassle to use it.


  • No maintenance requires
  • Can be mounted on the ceiling or high above the sump
  • Don’t require electricity, battery, or charger
  • Simple installation
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price


  • Doesn’t work if you have a water problem
  • Not so durable

4. Guardian Model 747H20 Emergency Back Up Sump Pump

Guardian 747H20 Emergency

No power at your home? No tension! Guardian could protect you! If your home is wholly stuck due to power outages or sump pump failure, the Guardian backup could provide awesome service. Further, if the primary pump somehow fails to supply assistance, this one won’t! You can rely on that.

Moreover, designed to use on a continuous basis and does not need maintenance longer time. The pump is made with high-class brass and PVC components for corrosion resistance. The Guardian Model 747H20 is designed for de-watering.

However, it is just designed for backup. As a result, you still need the main sump pump. There is a top-side place situated in the sump pump. It can convert water into high velocity. Additionally, the high velocity can originate a vacuum that can attract water from the sump.


  • Can give excellent back-up if the primary one stops
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Designed for de-watering
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Inexpensive


  • Less durability
  • Fairly loud

5. Basepump HB1000-PRO Premium

Basepump HB1000

The Basepump HB1000 is one of the highly upgraded pumps of recent times. If a lot of water comes into your basement it could be the perfect selection for you. Can be able to discharge 900 to 1400 gallons of liquid in a unit hour. This is certainly one of the highest pumping rates for a sump pump.

There are so many unique features in the HB1000 Pro pump. Moreover, the pump doesn’t need any type of maintenance at all. It can perform without electricity, battery, or charger. One of the most intriguing traits of this pump is that Basepump HB1000 installs overhead.

Further, having contained battery-powered high water alarm the design, efficiency, work method, everything is fantastic. Although, a bit expensive the working style of the pump is highly appreciated by everyone. In addition, the Basepump HB1000 Pro comes at a 5-years warranty. And also, you’ll get the instruction and an installation guide here.


  • Overhead installation is such a splendid thing
  • Double-check valve with backflow preventer
  • Highest rated discharging capability
  • Don’t need electricity, battery, or charger to do work
  • The alarm system will let you know about the flood’s presence
  • It comes with a massive 5-years of warranty


  • Can’t do well against heavy flooding
  • Expensive

What is a Water Powered Sump Pump?

Either electricity or battery supply, the water-powered sump pump has the ability to run and keep you safe from any unwanted power-cutting situation.

This type of sump pump mainly uses water pressure from the incoming municipal water lines and effectively prevents the flood from wreaking havoc on your basement.

As you know water powered sump pump doesn’t need but can able to provide safety to your home water keeps coming out from the funnels.

How Does Water Powered Sump Pump Work?

How Does Water Powered Sump Pump Work?

A water-powered sump pump is the protector of the basement of a house. In the event of the failure of the main sump pump, the water level in the sump pit increases much. As a result, the water-powered pump’s float lifts gradually. During bad weather, water continuously fills the sump pit.

If somehow your primary sump pump fails and if you have a base pump installed, the water in your pit starts to rise excessively. The high-water pressure even past the float of the idle pump. In such a moment, it will set off the water-powered pump’s float in the process.

When the float is activated, a valve opens in the base pump. This valve sends a high amount of water from the home’s water municipal via the ejector. After that, this water gets ejected. The water-powered pump finishes the cycle and clears the sump pit. Thereafter, it continues the whole procedure until the water level rises in the normal form again.

Water Powered Sump Pump Advantages

Reliability: If your area is flood-prone, you’ll get enough water supply in times of need through the water-powered sump pumps.

Unlimited Service: The backup sump pump runs as long as you need it. If the battery is ok, then you’ll get unlimited service.

Less Problematic: Water-powered pumps run for a long time. The design of the pump is simplistic. As a result, there’s basically no chance of mechanism malfunction.

No Added Costs: You don’t have to deal with any extra cost with the sump pump.

Water Powered Sump Pump Disadvantages

Lower Pumping: The water sump pump usually pumps a very low amount of water. The average capacity of this pump is around 1000 mph which is much lower than battery backup pumps.

Water Pressure: Water powered backup sump pump generally needs around 50 psi to work normally. However, if your home is away from the city’s main hub of the waterline, then you could experience less than that. The worse thing is sometimes the pump doesn’t work effectively.

Legality: Sometimes, in some areas in the USA, you don’t give permits to use such pumps. Therefore, you should check out the local code whether it is permissible or not. You could also talk to the local administration.

Water Powered Backup Sump Pump vs Battery Backup

Water Power backup system or Battery Power backup system, which is best and why? Let’s take a look-

Firstly, we can say, both types of sump pumps are not used for the same purpose rather they are much different in some cases.

Let’s make a few points of use and compare them why you should consider them.

Water powered backup sump pump

No battery is required. Therefore, no tension that it will run out and also provide unlimited backup. It is much reliable too. But the worst part is the pump will cost you more than other types.

Battery backup sump pump-

Having high power in supplying water and an easy installation process it is really suitable for home use. And the most important is you don’t need continuous electricity but the worst scenario is the pump runs out quickly.

Water Powered Sump Pump Installation Guide – DIY

The installation process of the water-powered backup sump pump is not that convenient as battery-powered pumps. But you can do it through these easy steps.

  • Put the pump just above the sump pit and tighten it to the floor’s cowry
  • Now, add the suction pipe using 90-degree elbows
  • Install the discharge pipe using a sturdy PVC pipe or a hose
  • Organize the float valve to the suction pipe, and connect the transfer tube.
  • After that, you need to connect the waterline. You also have to attach the pipe to the base pump
  • Affix the high water alarm and assemble the whole thing.

Best Water Powered Sump Pump Buying Guides

It is challenging to make a conclusion on which water-powered sump pump will be suitable for you. Nevertheless, we are giving you some points that could be useful for you to select a perfect sump pump. Let’s check –

Basement and Sump Pit Size

This is the most critical criterion. Some sump pump requires a small basement to run operation. On the other hand, some pumps can operate in any size. It all depends on the pump itself. You have to remember it during shopping.

Before purchasing, you have to know the square feet of your basement. Moreover, you should know the size of the sump pit. Do math after learning the sizes of both. Then, you will have a clear idea of what size of sump pump you need.

Expected Water Amount

We’ve previously been told that the sump pumps come in different sizes. That’s why backup sump pumps can hold various types of water per hour. Nevertheless, one thing you can rejoice. The thing is information of this included in the package of the pump.

You have to check out the info clearly. That’s how you will be able to know how much water a pump can hold. Further, this is how you can measure the capability of the pump and your expectation.


Money isn’t a bigger fact, but it’s still a fact. When you visit a shop to purchase a sump pump, you have to make a budget. Firstly, think about what type of water pump you need. Don’t make a move before making a proper calculation. Moreover, some water pumps cost less. However, they give excellent service.

Noise Prevention

Suction pipes can be noisy or quiet. Hence, different pipes have different styles. Some people might choose louder sounds while some prefer pin-point silence. Now, the question can arise, who are those people that like sound pollution!? In fact, the reason behind selecting louder sounds is that the owner acknowledges the pump is operating at all.

On the other side, the design of the sump pumps is quite different. They produce an alarm when they start the operation. Most importantly, you can know whether the machine creates loud sounds or not by testing them.

Water Pressure

Water-powered sump pump work with a trustworthy city water supply. They need a minimum level of water pressure to work gently. On top of that, if the pump gets more water pressure, it will work too.

Gallons Per Hour (GPH)

It’s no secret that all water-powered pumps can hold a specific amount of gallons per hour. This is undoubtedly one of the crucial points and you have to take it seriously. You need to know how much water a pump is capable of ejecting in gallons in a unit hour.

In order to learn it, you will have to assume how much rain can be poured throughout the year? For getting an idea, you need to do some math.

For instance, on a stormy night, wait for the moment when the electric pump getting stops. Now, pick a yardstick and stick it in. Catch the stick for at least 60 seconds and check out the water level rising at those moments. You’ll notice the change in the water level. The level has to be multiplied by 60. After that, you’ll have to know the desired GPH.


Efficiency is another essential trait for a sump pump. The truth is most pumps run efficiently. Hence, the manufacturers are well-aware of it. But, it would be best if you check out the brand’s description written in the pack. It will give you a more clear-cut idea about efficiency.

This is how you will also learn which sump pump is competent to meet your needs.

Town or Well Water

Your water line probably joined with the municipal line. If everything goes perfectly, then the sump pump won’t do any good to you. Additionally, the actual thing is smooth system is not required for a sump pump. If you want to work suitably, you have to ensure that the pump gets a bit of pressure.

Without pressure, the pump doesn’t work suitably. For this reason, the pump needs a water supply from town.


This is a somewhat typical measurement. Almost all the manufacturing brands claim that their product is convenient to install. But, it’s not always true. You need the expertise to do that. If you don’t believe that you can check out the comment section. Then, you will understand. Unless you’re a professional, you will endure the hassle of installing the machine.

Nevertheless, you can watch various YouTube videos for extra guidance. You can learn it from there we can assure you.


The ability to drain the water outdoor of your house is an essential feature for a sump pump. You have to look out for this trait carefully. Otherwise, things could go wrong for you. If the water can’t be passed correctly, there’s a big possibility that your home will endure a negative situation you don’t want to face. So, keep a close eye on this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are battery-powered sump pumps more powerful than water-powered?

Yes. Battery-powered sump pumps are extremely powerful. It can work vigorously during its operation. But, it can’t provide service for a long time like its counterpart.

Why Use a Water Powered Sump Pump Instead of a Battery Powered Backup?

The truth is battery sump pumps can only provide you backup for a short period if a power outage happens. However, things are pretty different with water-powered sump pumps.

You can use it as long as municipal water exists. It means that you’ll have the opportunity to use the pump if an electrical outage happens even for a long time. You can easily block the flooding to wreak havoc on your basement.

Can I install Water Powered Sump Pump Myself or Do I Need a Professional Installation?

If you’re a beginner, then we will recommend you to take help from a professional. The reason is it’s not an easy task to install a water-powered sump pump so easily. It doesn’t matter what the manufacturing brand says to you.

However, you could indeed take help from YouTube videos. But, we will still tell you to take help from a pro if you are a first-timer. Otherwise, things could go wrong.

Why Should I install a Second Sump Pump in My Basement?

The water-powered sump pump only works efficiently during emergency periods. During a heavy storm, your power could have vanished. Your sump pump will also stop working if it doesn’t have any more power.

At that time, a top-notch powered sump pump can work as a backup. As long as you continue to have to go for running water, you’ll be able to release water out from your undercroft.

Is It True that Water Powered Sump Pump Raise the Water Bill?

Of course. The reason is you will run municipal water for discharging floodwater. So, there’s no wonder that the water-powered sump pump will definitely raise the water bill.

Final Touch

So, you’ve already read our complete review on the best water powered backup sump pumps. What’s your take on this? Are you satisfied? We hope that our discussion will immensely help you to choose a perfect pump for you.

Do you have any opinion regarding the article? If yes, then do it in the comment box below. Thanks for staying with us!

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