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Honda EU2200i Generator Review- [Updated 2021]

In the generator world, who doesn’t remember the massive success of Honda EU2000i?

The first of a kind and a cult favorite, the model ruled the portable generator market. Twenty years after that, they built the EU2200i with more enhanced specs than its triumphant predecessor. But does that imply this is absolutely worth it?

Other than power outages, portable generators serve a lot of situations. They are suitable for camping and hosting events when there is no guaranteed source of power. Also, when there’s no power, a 2000 watt portable generator is quite a big deal! In our Honda EU2200i generator review, we check its features and performance over the criteria of noise, control, engine, and efficiency for you to judge how it is in reality.

Honda EU2200i Generator Specifications:

The Honda EU2200i is a portable inverter generator with a distinguishable black and red design. Here are the technical specifications:

  • Starts With: Manual recoil
  • Engine’s Model: Honda GXR120 121CC
  • Weight of Model: 46.5 lbs
  • Power: 2200 on starting, 1800 when running
  • Voltage/Current Outlet: 2000W max. on 16.7A, 1600W on 13.3A
  • Noise: 57 dB when 100% loaded, 49 dB if 25% loaded
  • Run Time: 3.2 hours when 100% loaded, 8 hours if 25% loaded
  • Type of Fuel: Gasoline
  • Tank Capacity: 0.95 gallons

Other specifications include:

  1. A four-step color-coded system for the manual recoil.
  2. Fuel shutoff.
  3. Better oil control and
  4. Very low noise level.

Honda EU2200i Generator Review – Features and Performance

There goes the six most essential criteria checked for the eu2200i:

honda eu2200i generator review

Fuel Efficiency

The engine’s Eco-throttle mechanism is what separates Honda’s eu2200i from the rest of the portable generators. With the help of this mechanism, the generator can cut to measure the demand for the fuel. This actually means that only a certain amount of fuel will be consumed for the operation of appliances that you want to have operated at that moment.

So when you are changing the current workload from the refrigerator to AC or home theater, the model will adapt the fuel requirement! With all the money that you save from this efficiency, you could go on a shopping spree!

And unless you are powering anything requiring a hefty current load, your home generator will run for 8 hours at a quarter percentage load. If you’re going full-on load, the time will come down to 3-4 hours of uninterrupted operation. Given that the gallon tank is 0.95 gallons, this is understandable.

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The Honda GXR120 used in the generator is a 4-stroke engine with 121 cc capacity. These engines are Honda’s specialty, lasting really long and without fail. You get a higher wattage from this model, compared to the predecessor 2000i of 200 watts. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but within this spare wattage, you can add devices along with your fridge and AC that could make all the difference. The starting watts you get is 2200, while as it runs, you get a steady 1800 watts.


In order to start the model, you need a manual recoil. That is nothing to complain about since it works effortlessly every time. However, wishing for an electric start really isn’t asking for a lot when the competitors have already adopted this feature.

You can power most electric appliances and devices with the duplex AC outlets the generator comes with. You get a 120V / 125V for powering. However, we actually thought it would be better to add an outlet for RV connection along with what it already has. Also, you will need to get an adapter.


The generator is quite lightweight and easy to carry around, making it perfect for traveling. The plastic handle on top makes sure you don’t have to wrap everything in your arms and sweat along. It can be carried well if you’re walking short distances.


To ensure that this inverter model can compete with regular fuel-based generators when it comes to power housing, Honda included parallel capability. So you can easily connect it in grids to supply to a bus bar system.

Noise Level

The Honda eu2200i noise level is the most attractive and calming feature of it. Would you believe if we say this isn’t louder than whispers? A normal conversation has a decibel of 60. But this generator produces noises of around 48 decibels at 25% load and 57 decibels on a full load.

Comparison of Honda eu2000i vs eu2200i

honda eu2000i review
Honda EU2000i
Honda EU2200i

So, is the predecessor better or the successor?

The successor, Honda eu2200i is better. With its compact size, attention to fuel consumption and adjustment, parallel capability, and excellent weight with a sturdy design, this is definitely better.

The engine is where they are set apart, with that extra 200 watts that can be game-changing. You’ll learn how important this spare wattage serves you when you have no power source. So, yes, we would go for the Honda eu2200i.


  • Built by the best manufacturers of engines and power sources.
  • Better than the Honda eu2000i.
  • Nearly noiseless when compared to most generators out there, portable/inverter type or not.
  • Lightweight.
  • Fuel efficient and saves energy (and money).


  • Needs an electric start addition.
  • Expensive.


How long does a Honda EU2200i run?

8 hours at a quarter load, 3-4 hours at a rated load.

How is Honda EU2200i different from the EB2200i?

The EB2200i has OSHA compliance, making it better to work within job sites.

What can be powered by a Honda EU2200i?

A typical AC or a couple of small appliances together.

Are there parallel options for Honda EU2200i?

Yes, there are parallel optiones.


This brings us to the end of our Honda eu2200i generator review. It has some above-par features that make it extremely reliable and sturdy, efficient, and worthy.

Backed up by the brand reputation of Honda, the technical features make sure that you get the best of the inverter generator, which may not be possible when you are skeptical about other brands and models. With all the goodness, we would purchase this high-end generator in a jiffy!

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