How Long Will a Deep Cycle Battery Power an Inverter
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How Long Will a Deep Cycle Battery Power an Inverter?

If you’re expecting to get sustained power over a prolonged period, then deep cycle batteries are something you need the most. But how long will a deep cycle battery power an inverter? Despite being a simple question, the answer requires an extensive understanding of the hidden mechanical interrelation between deep cycle batteries and power inverters. Our easy and effective formulas will provide you with the mathematical framework needed to understand your cells’ exact duration. In the following sections, we’re outlining the functional method, which will not only answer your query right now but would also be a working archetype for future examinations. 

How Long Will A Deep Cycle Battery Power An Inverter 

To answer that question, we’ve prepared our short guide. Our researched informative read will provide you an insight on deep cycle battery’s output duration. 

Power Everything with Deep Cycle Batteries  

With deep cycle batteries, you can power up almost everything. It offers you a high power output with no interruption and difficulties. You’ll be able to run heavily demanding electronic appliances continuously for a longer period than other batteries. 

Because of its steady power supply, it can run special appliances such as marine applications and be used for off-grid renewable power production and recreational vehicles. 

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How Long Does it power?

To understand the exact duration of a deep cycle battery, you’ll have to consider two things: one, the load, and the second, the capacity. 

You need to calculate the amps and find the results. Then divide it by 12. Keep the results aside. 

Now, you’d have to measure the ampere rating of the devices you want to run and add to it ½ amps for the inverter. Get the results and divide it by the first result you kept aside earlier. 

Well, you get the result? This is the actual operating duration for your deep cycle battery in hours. 

But this duration would extend if you have multiple batteries in place. 

Now, another question comes up, is how long the battery can operate in your inverter? It also varies on the devices operated on the inverter and battery power. 

Simply, the rule is, the more appliances you connect to the pure sine wave inverter, the more the run time decreases. But on the other hand, you can also attach more batteries to balance that as well.

The output duration can become extremely complex to calculate if you have little or no knowledge of the battery type or its capacity. You must have a clear idea of whether your battery is a deep cycle or a starter battery. 

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How Many Batteries Can I Run on My Inverter?

If you think the run time duration isn’t good enough for you. Then you can use a simple trick to increase it further. 

One such trick is to increase the number of batteries. If you add more batteries, then you can add more time to the duration tally. 

You have to use the needed hours to be multiplied by watts to size your battery bank. The result, you get is the total watts per DC volts equal amps required. 

For example, if you possess a 2000W 12V inverter, then you’ll pull 2000W per 12 volts=166.6 DC amps/hour. 

We can use another different example: if you get a 100Ah battery and your load is 65w/12v equals 5.42A, you’ll be supported for 18.45 hours. Or you can take 17 hours because inverters are not always wholly efficient. 

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To Sum Up 

As we have shown you earlier how long an inverter can run by a deep cycle battery, now you can do your math. Nobody can tell you how long your battery can support you. Because it is only you who knows the load that you want your battery to consume as well as the power the battery can provide. 

Both these things matter heavily in terms of calculating the exact duration time. Keep in mind that the mathematical figure you’d get would never be the correct output duration time. Because the inverters are not 100% efficient, you’d lose slight current here and there. So, at least cut an hour down of the results that you calculate. With this, you’d be able to calculate output duration in real-life correctly. 

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