How to Clean Reed Valves On Air Compressor
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How to Clean Reed Valves On Air Compressor [4 Steps]

Those who have the air compressor at home know the pain of cleaning Reed valves. Honestly, cleaning Reed valves isn’t rocket science, but without an appropriate guide, it’s very hectic.

If you don’t clean the Reed valves for a long period, it’ll not regulate the gas properly and barely dispense the gas to the machine, resulting in a significant drop in performance.

After reading this article, we’re pretty sure that your confusion will be clear regarding how to clean reed valves on air compressor.

So here, we’ve shared the best way to clean Reed valves, the necessary tools that you need to use while cleaning. Let’s get started

How to Clean Reed Valves on Air Compressor

The Reed valve cleaning process is straightforward, but you need to maintain the appropriate sequence.

1. Remove the Reed Valve

Tools you need: Basic tools (Screwdriver, Bradawl, or Lineman’s pliers )

To clean the Reed valve, your first job is to take out the valve from the compressor. You can do this by hand. There’s no requirement of any machine of remover.

Anyway, before removing the Reed valve, make sure all the power supply connection has been turned off from the air compressor. Even when the power supply is off, remove the plugs from the connection. If it turns on accidentally, it’ll be a disaster.

Apart from that, if a battery runs your compressor, remove that when you’re cleaning. Alright, now you can start removing the Valve.

First, you need to remove all the attachment screws from the compressor. Now remove the air filter first. The filter looks like a round-shaped tool. So dent is confused.

Now, open up the lid or cover when you have already removed the air filter. In the meantime, make sure you disconnect the tank line. Finally, you can remove the main reed valve plate from the compressor.

2. Clean the Valve Properly

Tools You Need: Starting fluid, Power air sprayer

Time for cleaning the valve. Most people clean it carelessly without following any instructions. That’s not fruitful. Always follow the appropriate tools and suggestions.

To clean the reed valves, you need to use a liquid cleaner. You can use Gumout starting fluid or any other fluid. This thing easily wipes out all the rust and corrosion from the machine.

For cleaning it appropriately, you can use a cleaning brush. Because the valves’ holes are tiny, it’s hard to reach there. With the brush or rolling clothes, you can easily reach there.

When cleaning is complete, set the valve properly by reassembling all parts.

3. Recheck the Valve

Tools You Need: No tools are required

When your cleaning is already done, re-inspect the valve properly. Check if there’s any grease, oil, or rust left in the body. In addition, you also need to check if there’re any nuts or screws loosened or not.

In this stage, you also should examine if any parts damaged or burning issues happen or not. If you find any issue try to fix that. Don’t reinstall the faulty valves in the compressor again.

4. Reinstall the Reevs Valves

Tools you need: Basic tools (Screwdriver, Bradawl, or Lineman’s pliers )

Finally, you can reinstall that into the compressor. Maintain the sequence that you followed when you were removing the valve.

Set the valve first. Next, Connect the tank line. Put on the lid again. Now slowly set up the air filter in its position and put on all the screws and nuts properly. Tight them with the screwdriver.


  • Is it possible to clean air compressor Reed valves at home?

If you’ve all the necessary basic tools like a screwdriver, wrench, bradawl, or lineman’s pliers at home, you can easily clean that. Other than that, just a pocket knife toolset, you’re also able to work with that at home.

  • Why do we need to clean Reed valves?

The main job of the reed valves is to control the fresh gas and indigestion that in the machine. So if it gets damaged or filthy, it won’t work properly because it doesn’t regulate the gas. That’s why it’s important to clean regularly.

  • How long can Reed valves work? When should we change that?

There’s no particular time duration of Reed valves, but if you use it normally, it can go for a month.

It’d be best to change the valves when their performance drops or gets damaged. However, experts suggest replacing it after 200 to 300 hours of heavy work.

  • How long does it take to clean air compressor Reed valves?

At home, you can clean this in under 4/5 hours if you’ve all the appropriate tools. But in the service center, they can clean this even less than that, but they will charge a huge cost.

Final Word

We believe that you understand how to clean reed valves on an air compressor. Frankly, the process is straightforward, but you’ve to maintain the steps according to the guideline.

A quick suggestion is never to use any unknown cleaner or solvent on the valves; it might damage. In addition, try to use appropriate tools for cleaning; otherwise, it’ll take longer than you expect—best of luck.


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