How To Increase CFM On Air Compressor
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How To Increase CFM On Air Compressor [2 Easy Ways]

Regardless of the handyman you’re, the air tool is a typical machine for all. Air tools must have a sufficient amount of compressor air. Air compressors play the leading role in getting right the amount of air source.

However, the CFM requirements for air tools will vary from one to another. A compressor may not automatically source all of it. Hence, you’ve to increase the CFM output manually.

In this post, we’ll share two effective methods on how to increase CFM on air compressor. Let’s dive in!

What Is Air Compressor CFM? 

The full meaning of CFM is Cubic Feet Per Minute. It means how quickly the air gets inside the compressor machine.

Many people think it’s a metric measurement, but it’s actually not. The reason is that no meter, second, or kilogram is used to measure it. Instead, it’s an imperial measurement system where feet, inches, miles, etc., are counted.

When measuring the CFM of an air compressor, you’re required to consider two crucial factors.

  • Operational speed of the pump
  • Size of the air holder cylinder

Why Increase The CFM On Air Compressor?

We do a wide range of tasks using an air compressor that needs a different level of CFM. Hence, perfectly doing a job needs an ideal level of CFM. Otherwise, you won’t achieve the best result from a particular task.

 Based on the job you want to do and the type of compressor you have, you’ll have a particular level of CFM at the peak point.

For example, you’re using a paint sprayer to paint your wall surfaces. When doing this type of task, you’re required to input a higher level of CFM. On the other hand, when using a nail gun, you need a lower level of CFM.

Hence, it’s a simple idea that you’ll get a higher level of CFM for some tasks and a lower level of CFM for others. You’ve to modify the settings based on the situation.

How To Increase CFM On Air Compressor

In some cases, people may need extended air pressure when working with powerful air tools. Or, it can also be necessary when you’re working with at least two air tools simultaneously.

But, what is the practical way to raise the CFM on the air compressor? Thankfully, we’ve figured out two effective ways of doing it.

Approach 1 – Add Two Air Compressors Together

You need another compressor when you want to achieve a higher CFM level. Buy another same powered compressor. Add them together to raise the CFM.

So, why buy another compressor? A compressor has a maximum CFM level, and it can’t go more than that. Adding two air compressors allows you to double the CFM level.

However, there’re some important factors to note down. If you don’t mind having these issues, you can go for this approach. Otherwise, try the second option, which we’re going to mention.

  • Since you’ve now two compressor tanks, you’ll need around double times to fill them appropriately.
  • When operating the air compressor at a high CFM on both machines, you may experience overheating problems.
  • Operating the machine may require additional efforts to run them smoothly together.


Approach 2 – Give Extra Time for the Compressor

If you’re not on a budget for buying an extra compressor, there’s another way to increase the CFM on air compressors.

Working on the compressed air for additional time will help you easily raise the CFM level. It mainly keeps high pressure on the tank.

But you must be wondering how to do it, right? It’s an uncomplicated approach. You’ll have to achieve the minimal settings by dialing down the regulation.

This helps work the compressor motor for an extended period without any break.

A high density of compressed air will be achieved through this approach. Ultimately, this will provide an optimal CFM level.

However, if you’re doing it for the first time, make sure you know the proper way of adjusting pressure using the air compressor switch.

As a solid rule of thumb, never go to the lowest regular settings at the first attempt. It’ll give too much pressure on the tank. Instead, decrease it slowly. This allows the tank to adjust the situation easily.

Go as low as you can gradually, and finally, you’ll achieve the highest level of CFM on your air compressor successfully. In addition to increasing the compressor’s lifespan, this method can also improve its performance.


This approach will give you more than average CFM. But if you want to double or triple the CMF level, it’s not the correct method to follow.


  • Why Is Exact CFM Necessary On Air Compressor?

If you don’t keep the CFM setting at the right level while performing a particular task, achieving the best result may not be possible. Aside from that, practicing this wrong approach for a long time may damage the tool.

  • What is the ideal level of CFM?

It depends on the kind of job you’re doing with a particular air tool. Your air tool may need a higher or lower level of CFM than others.

  • How to calculate the CFM?

Calculating the CFM level requires you to follow a straightforward approach. Know the exchange rate and total volume. Divide the total volume of your compressor by the exchange rate.

  • Is higher CFM better?

Higher CFM is better for doing particular tasks, not for all functions. Some jobs require you to keep setting in low CFM to get the maximum efficiency for the specific job.

Final Thought

A person doesn’t need to learn some rocket science to learn how to increase CFM on air compressor. The process is straightforward. We’ve outlined two effective methods to enhance the CFM level on your air compressor.

However, correctly doing it is crucial. Otherwise, you won’t be able to raise the CFM level. Hopefully, this article gave you a clear overview to increase CFM perfectly.

If you’re going to buy an air tool for the first time, make sure it has enough CFM to perform your tasks smoothly.

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