How to Prepare for Long Term Power Outage
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How to Prepare for Long Term Power Outage? Learn the Hacks Beforehand!

Do you live in a disaster-prone region? And are you tired of frequent power outages?

Well, this allows us to demonstrate how to prepare for long term power outage situations beforehand, so you don’t need to go through an endless circle of hassle and irritation during the disaster seasons. Well, let’s find out the comprehensive ways this issue can be tackled.

How to Prepare for Long Term Power Outage

Prevention is way better than cure. This term isn’t new and quite right practically. If someone is well prepared before any power cuts, he won’t feel the heat much during these challenging times. Let’s look at this issue in a step by step manner.

The Need for Power Backup

This is perhaps the first step while tackling long-term power outages. The way our societies are built, electricity is vital for our daily survival, and without it, everything collapses. So, when it goes out, you must have a backup plan to temporarily bring it back for conducting critical operations, like running equipment that is run using electricity, protecting foods stored in the refrigerator, and running heaters in the colder regions. It’s also crucial for people working from home to continue their work and maintain deadlines. So, everyone must have an alternative energy backup before any long-term power outages.

Choose Your Alternative Energy Source

It’s always best to have a power outage emergency response plan and what sort of power backup should be used is the first question in this strategy. You can either go for generators that run on fossil fuels like gas or LPG. Or you can also opt for going solar. Both are incredibly effective in terms of giving you alternative power.

It would be best if you considered the pros and cons of each type.

Solar Power

Solar Power

For instance, solar energy is clean and efficient. It doesn’t create any smoke, nor does it have any issues with an irritating loud noise. If you have elderly sick patients at home, it’s better to go for solar panels than regular generators.

But it has some downsides as well. Usually, solar panels are quite expensive, and getting them set up with batteries that can store the collected energy is another pricey task. On top of that, during bad weather conditions, solar power is close to being useless. If the battery is drained, you won’t harness new energy cause the sun isn’t there.

Fossil Fuel Generators Generators

On the other hand, generators are always up and working as long as you can bring the required fuel. Dual fuel generators are best as you can use both gas or LPG, whatever at hand. But the main drawback of it is the loud noise and smoke. The disturbing noise can cause severe irritation, especially if you don’t have a large land area. Excessive smoke output from the machine can also have an immediate, environmentally damaging impact. But overall, for electricity, fossil fuel generators are still the most reliable option to date.

We think the best option is to incorporate alternative power, especially if you live in a highly disaster-prone region and outages are quite common.

Portable Lighting Systems

Having portable powered mechanisms present is also an essential task for outages. During long-term power cuts, road and street lamps would not work either; walking around outside at night would become highly difficult without portable lighting. Buy a couple of battery-powered torches, solar-powered lanterns, and other such electric equipment that would aid you in the darkness outside.

Storing Essential Items

Another highly essential part of the power outage emergency kit checklist is the suturing of crucial items. It’s a basic drill during or before any potential social or natural catastrophes. A long-term power outage can play a part in the production and other areas, and as a result, panic buying can be a common factor you may need to deal with.

That’s why it’s best to buy dry foods before any long-term outages and store them in your house. Other regular day-to-day objects like sanitary items and car or generator fuel are incredibly vital. Store them to a certain amount before the disaster strikes. Finally, water is another essential element, and that needs to be stockpiled as well.

Medicine Kits


Here we have one of the essential tasks that you can focus on before long-term outages. Electricity sits at the core of modern civilization. If it’s there, the entire social structure is up and working.

But if anything unexpected happens with it, the whole social structure risks collapsing. We’re not saying your next significant power outage will ultimately take the entire society down. Still, a strong possibility is that people will find it difficult to access their everyday needs.

And one of the primary critical needs is medicine. When an outage is going on, and any health emergencies are hand, then you must have medi kits at home for initial treatment. Essential drugs that can deal with dysentery, heart issues, inhalers for breathing disabilities, and other critical medicines must be stored up well. You’d also need first aid kits for treating accidental wounds and injuries at home.


Firewoods are highly necessary, especially for extended energy-less situations. The winter is heading closer each day. On the other hand, many in the states rely on electric power for cooking and purifying water. So, if electricity falls for a few weeks, cooking and refining water would become extremely difficult. That’s why those who have a fireplace should have a good storage of firewoods available at hand.

So, when the power outage occurs, you can heat the house without any electric heating systems. On top of it, you’d also be able to cook food and prepare drinkable water for the family. All in all, storing firewood is one of the most important tasks before any long-term power outage situation.

Cleaning and Bathing

No electricity means no water for showers. It’s one of the most problematic issues that one needs to deal with while not having energy. Taking a shower every day helps a lot, but you may not be able to do it every day during these challenging times.

That’s why you should store up items that can help you clean without using much water. On top of it, as a result of not having water and proper cleaning, you may risk the entire family’s health safety.

That’s why the items mentioned below are must have before any of such situations :

  • Dry shampoo
  • One time appliances
  • Disinfect
  • Baby wipes
  • Wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Female specialized hygiene elements

Store these products up before any electric failure.

To Sum Up

As we have already explained, everyone should learn how to prepare for a long-term power outage. Because of how we’re dependent upon grid power, it would become almost threatening for us to live without it, even for a couple of days, let alone weeks.

The entire social and economic system can collapse just by the mere mention of it. It’s always and ever more crucial for us to know the essential power outage tips and tricks before any such situation arises and sustain a happy, healthy regular life even during power cuts!

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