How to Stop Air Compressor from Tripping Breaker
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How to Stop Air Compressor from Tripping Breaker

If you have an air compressor, you know how carefully to use it. There’re so many parts in the machine that needs to be handled gently.

Well, a breaker is an electric device where the current flow stops if it has any issues. Circuit breakers help to protect the air pump and compressor when it’s needed.

Mainly, the engine of the device tends to shut down and stop the flow immediately when there’s any fault detected. But it can be a serious problem if the breaker constantly stops the flow.

For that, this article will guide you on how to stop air compressor from tripping breaker and how to perform the process easily!

Why Air Compressor Breaker Trips?

There’re so many reasons why your air compressor breaker is tripping and the solutions are given below.

Dirty Air Filter

The most basic reason for the tripping is the dirty air filter of the compressor. As we know, dirt can’t enter the air pump due to filters as it can cause some expensive repairs further.

Thus checking the air filter while your compressor is tripping will be a great idea to do. If you see it’s dirty, replace it instantly!

But if the compressor still trips the other solutions may need to be applied.

Damaged Extension Cord

To connect the power supplies easily, extension cords are used these days as most of the air compressors are charged by them.

Yet a fault in the cord may trigger the breaker, so it’ll trip, and the electric supply will be cut off automatically. This can cause some serious risks, even fire!

Moreover, overheating issues can happen, and the compressor can be tripped constantly.

For the solution, you have to leave your air compressor off to cool down for 15-30 minutes.

After that, plug it straight into the socket rather than using the extension cord. In this way, if it starts, then congratulations. You’ve successfully solved to stop your machine from tripping!

Clogged Cylinders

If your compressor has any cylinders inside it, then it’s possible that they’re causing the main trouble. Often a clogged cylinder cause tripping as it wants to stop the air pump from further damage.

To solve this, clean or replace them!

Faulty Motor

Air compressors feature high-rated motors with a large capacity. But if it’s faulty, some electrical connections may sometimes face a shortage and sudden flow can happen. It may lead to so many amps that breaker trips can be the major issue.

In this case, you may need an experienced technician. They’ll make sure if there’s a problem with the motor and then will take the necessary steps.

Faulty Circuit Breaker

Let’s not forget that the circuit itself can be faulty. Maybe it was not damaged in the first place, but after so many years of usage, the breaker can deface too!

Well, no need to worry. These circuit breakers are way easy to find and replace!

Defective pressure switch

The defective pressure switch is not very much likely to happen but isn’t impossible, you know.

To find out if it’s broken, try these things,

  • Switch off the compressor and drain the tank of air
  • Pick the cover off the switch
  • Reset the circuit breaker
  • Observe the inside of the switch if there’s any sparking or arching when you turn of the compressor

If there’s any sparking then it’s mandatory to change your pressure switch right now!

Failed Capacitor

Now let’s talk about the capacitor. If the air compressor is large it must have a capacitor inside it. You need a professional to consult as it’s tough to check inside the machine. They’ll examine it and let you know if you need a new one!

Some Things to Keep In Mind:

  • Unplug the extra electrical devices that you don’t use often
  • Spread the heated tools so that the power doesn’t overload
  • Use extension cords only when it’s needed
  • Use LED lights if you want to add extra light up rather than incandescent string lights
  • Multiple outdoor circuits should be installed
  • Always study your amp usage, so you know how much it’s being used

How to Stop Air Compressor from Tripping Breaker?


  • Why My Air Compressor Keep Tripping the Breaker

Of course, your air compressor is tripping as it may be pulling in many amps than your breaker is rated for. For example, if your breaker is of 20amp and your ac pulls 30amps, then surely it’ll trip. Constant tripping may cause serious dangers like fire also. Try to replace and reinstall once you find out the exact reason for the tripping.

  • Is It Safe to Reset a Tripped Breaker?

A simple reset can be done if you think there’s not much possibility of a huge compressor issue. Sometimes the breaker will automatically shut down, and in that case, you can reset it.

Final Words

There you have it. All the information about how to stop air compressors from tripping breakers will actually save your life in many ways.

However, try to find out the exact reason why the breaker is tripping. If it’s complicated, try to take help from professionals.

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