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How to Use an Ozone Generator in Home (5 Easy Steps)

How does Ozone improve air quality? Well, three oxygen atoms when merged are called Ozone. Extra oxygen particles eat up electrons. Toxins and microbes are electron hungry and are thus attracted to Ozone.

So, this mechanism is used to cleanse the indoor air from toxins and microbes. All you now need to know is how to use an ozone generator in home properly to get this effect. Ozone generators are now one of the key players in improving air quality. In both houses, cars and boats-ozone generators are widely used to purify the air.

Safety Ways to Use Ozone Generators in the House

Using ozone generators can be tricky. If not used in the correct manner, it can pose a danger to you and your family members. That is why one must know how to use them safely. Our detailed guide would enlighten your perspectives on the issue.

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One Thing You Should Understand

The main reason why people bring in ozone generators is because of its air purifying qualities. One of the best ways you can use an ozone generator is to run it in a vacated space. Because a significant increase in the ozone levels in a constricted environment can cause respiratory issues.

How Should You Use Ozone Generators?

You must keep in mind a couple of things before getting started. Before you begin, you must take into consideration the size of the area you want to cover with your generator. The height of your ceiling is equally essential. The humidity level in the air matters as well. The air’s movement and the strength of existing air pollution or odor present right now.

Pre Treatment Tasks

The first thing that you need to do before the treatment is to remove all the elements that are creating the odor in the first place. If you leave the odor emitting elements, it is likely to come back after you’re done. So, remove anything, and everything that you think is emitting odor and unnecessary things alike because having loads of items can be a breeding ground for molds and microbes.

Also, do not forget to check for any water leakage inside the house. Any type of leakage, no matter how tiny it is, can create mildew and mold. They also pose a health risk to you and your family members.

So, you must eliminate any source of water leakage in your house before going for the ozone treatment. The whole procedure would turn out to be useless if you fail to get rid of the leakage issue.

Ozone Generator Safety Precautions

Remove all your pets from the room before you start the process. But you do not need to move your fishes out if you have some present in your room. Ozone won’t do any harm to the fishes.

You’d also have to get rid of men and children from the room as well. Ensure the door is locked correctly, and children cannot access it during the process. They don’t know the danger and can accidentally enter, making themselves vulnerable to ozone toxication.

How to Use an Ozone Generator in Home

how to use an ozone generator in home

1. Placing Towels and Sealing the Gaps

Before you turn on the generator, make sure all the gaps are sealed properly. Having holes and unsealed openings can let the Ozone escape the room, making the treatment process completely useless.

Place towels under the door. It will seal in the gap, making the ozone trap inside the room for a better cleaning process.

2. Start the Ozone Generator in Vacant Room

Start your air treatment in a vacant room.

Run the generator at your desired time but do not exceed the 12 hours mark. Nobody should be inside the room during the whole period.

After the first day of treatment, rest it for one day. Then again, continue as mentioned if the odor persists.

Remember, using ozone generators at your house can increase the number of pollen allergens and mold spores in the air. Using a HEPA filtration can eliminate these particles making the air even cleaner. You can use the machine every week for purer air.

3. Turning the Generator Off

This also is an important and critical part of the process. Although it sounds like a simple task, there are a couple of issues that you must keep in mind when you’re about to shut it down.

Hold Your Breath

As your generator has run for a long time in the closed space, the air now is filled with ozone particles. The increased amount of Ozone in the air can be severely harmful to you. It can damage your lungs. Can also be the reason for shortness of breath, chest pain, and coughing. Ozone also deteriorates the underlying respiratory conditions.

So, entering this ozone-filled area and inhaling Ozone can lead to catastrophic consequences. That is why you should go in, holding your breath. While you’re holding your breath, enter and quickly turn off the generator. Once you turn it off, then quickly rush out.

Wait for Some Time

After you have turned the generator off now, you will have to wait for 45-60 minutes. The time will let the ozone levels settle to a point.

4. Open Doors and Windows

After 60 minutes, now, you go again, holding your breath and opening up the doors and windows of the room. Turn the electric fans on so that air might travel in and out of the room. It will gradually clear out any ozone residual as well as the remaining toxic odors.

5. Using Fanning Method

You can also use furnace fans to make the Ozone reach every corner of the room. The ozone particles pushed by the air pressure will travel to all the corners of the room, making the process more effective and efficient. If you don’t have a furnace fan, then your ceiling fan can also do the job.

You can follow this simple 5 step formula if you want to detoxify your room. You can also apply these steps if you do not know how to use an ozone generator in the car.

To Sum Up

Ozone treatment can transform the air of your house. Removing all sorts of odors and stinky smells. And smells are not the worst part; such an odor is hugely harmful to your health, especially the younger ones. Prolonged exposure to poor air can lead to respiratory issues for children and older folks alike.

Now with the help of our detailed guide, you know how to use an ozone generator and the basics of air treatment. So, what are you waiting for? Bring in an ozone generator, clean out air from bad smells and other bacterial development, and have a healthy, stink-free air 24/7!

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