Best Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump

5 Best Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump in 2023

The sumps pumps are mostly located in the lower regions of the house such as the basements. This removes the clogged water in the pit and overflow to prevent flooding or water damage. During sudden electricity outrages or power cuts, it stops working.

It is, therefore, quite important to get the best battery backup for existing sump pump. The sump pump needs to be constantly connected to electricity for functioning properly. Especially in rural or remote areas, you may not get emergency help during a sudden power cut.

You must select the battery which is compatible in every aspect with your sump pump. Otherwise, it can be a hassle even to install the battery to your existing sump pump.

Quick Summary

“A power battery it is with 0.5HP of output power to operate any 12V compatible sump pumps”

“Almost 3000GPH capacity battery with wireless monitoring system making it a convenient choice”

“Durable and long-lasting battery backup with automated warning system”

“Powerful 1200W backup system with rugged Aluminium Housing under limited budget”

“Strong non-corrosive pump backup system with 2040GPH at 10ft and pre-installed check valve”

Top 5 Best Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump

In this, we shall explorer in-depth the best-suited battery backup systems for an existing sump pump of a residential unit.

1. Pump Sentry 822 PS- Best Inverter Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump

Pump Sentry 822 PS

The Pump-Sentry 822 is designed to give uninterrupted power to the existing sump pump.  It is engineered to be compatible with most of the 1/2 Hp sump pumps available. This common selectivity feature makes it renowned to run the sump pumps whale power outbreak.

It directly makes an AC interface in between the wall socket and the sump pump. As a result, during a power failure, the system automatically converts to DC power. This provides an instant and uninterrupted power supply to the sump pump to keep it running.

After returning the utility power, the system automatically transforms into an AC system. It does two functions of charging the battery again to maximum capacity and running the pump from a direct electric line. Above all, you do not have to manually switch on/off the backup systems each time there happens a power failure.

The durable Aluminium Housing makes the entire package of high endurance. It prevents the battery pack to develop corrosion and rust. Besides, this low-weight metal reduces the overall weight of the system to make it lightweight. As a result, it becomes quite easy to install the backup system in confined spaces of the basement.

This backup battery comes with a digital control panel to indicate many emergency situations. These are output indication, battery charge status indication, battery replacement indication, etc. Therefore, no extra electrical instruments are required to diagnose the problems.

The powerful battery has enormous thrusting power of 25A with initiates the sump pump in just 3 seconds. Finally, the integrated audible alarm system is useful in letting the user know about any sort of emergency.


  • No delay during the crisis
  • Compact sized body
  • Convenient installation
  • Powerful output
  • Highly compatible with pumps


  • Relatively expensive than a backup system with pumps
  • Not integrated with backup sump pump

2. Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination- Best Combination Sump Pump with Battery Backup

Wayne WSS30VN

Let’s say you are looking for a rugged and strong battery backup system which factory pre-set and ready to install. Then the WAYNE WSS30VN can be a good option for your existing sump pump.

It has a body dimension of 23.5 x 18.25 x 14 inches. This makes it a standard-sized backup system and easy to install even in a confined basement.

The outer framework is completely constructed using cast iron with an anti-corrosive coating of paint. It ensures maximum durability and endurance as an exterior backup system. But the cast iron housing elevates the total weight of this tool to 44 pounds.

This combination battery has an output of 12V which makes it compatible with most of the common sump pumps in the area. It makes the installation more convenient. On the other hand, ½ HP power of the system is strong enough to provide the pump the thrust it needed during a power cut.

You can easily install it in a 15” basin within 15minutes. Therefore, there is no need to call any experts for help.

While assuring the quality of the tool, the switch of the backup board is tested 1000000 times for maximum efficiency. The testing time is 10X times more than the other backup available in the marketplace.

This battery backup system has the capacity to pump 10000 gallons of water on a single charge. The amount is more than enough for a small family to long last for hours during electricity cut or malfunction.

It can pull up 5040GPH unit in 0 ft which is the maximum range. On the contrary, the minimum capacity of the battery backup system is to pull 900 GPH at 20ft max depth. Thus, the depth range and suction capacity are quite standard for a residential unit.

Finally, we can say that the integrated sump pump with a preset battery backup system can be a good pick. That is if you want more reliability alongside the existing pump in the basement.


  • Instant response
  • High pumping capacity
  • Quick charging feature
  • Durable housing
  • Ready to pump during the crisis


  • Very expensive
  • May get rust attack after using for a while

3. PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi Battery Backup- Best Backup Sump Pump with WiFi

PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi Battery Backup Sump Pump System

The entire size of the main container of the battery system is 16 x 17 x 11 inches only. This small size of the package will help you set up the backup system easily in confined spaces.

This housing has high-density plastic construction. Therefore, its weight becomes very light and easily movable. Besides, the installation process becomes easier than those of heavy battery package.

Its battery has a 12V capacity which complies with most of the pumps with direct connection. You will get 13000 gallons of water lifting per battery cycle.

The integrated pump is powerful (0.5HP) enough to lift water from 22ft of maximum depth. Its highest gph of 2990 can be done within 5 ft and the lowest 1650gp limit can be seen at 15ft of depth. This range is best suited for most of the residential units in remote areas.

You will get complete monitoring availability due to its automated status checking system. Moreover, you can connect your smartphone with the backup system via wifi. It will help you to monitor the real-time functioning properties of the battery and pumps.

The multifunctional alarm system is useful to warn about the water levels, charging level, etc. Its dual float switch is useful for startups.

Its built-in digital system computes the system data from the sump pump, backup pump, and battery. Besides, the system analyzes the data to give reports of the status from time to time. This way, the entire pumping system can be monitored remotely which reduces time and labor.


  • Fully digitalized and automated
  • No need for manual startup
  • Powerful integrated pump
  • Easily installable
  • Requires less area and time for setting up


  • The plastic body may lead to product damage
  • Electric short-circuit may happen due

4. THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Model BWE- Best Battery Backup for Sump Pump


This battery and compatible sump pump package can be a good option to install alongside your existing pump. It will help to keep your basement safe from flooding during extreme weather conditions.

First of all, the watchdog sump pump backup system is completely digitalized with a 24/7 monitoring system. You will get all status check from the system panel. As a result, it becomes easy to find out the exact problem and can troubleshoot in no time.

Its control box is designed and programmed to activate instantly after a power cut and when the main pump stops working. Therefore, you need manually climb down to the basement and start up the system every time there is a crisis.

The backup sump pump is strong enough to pump 1000 gallons of water per hour within 10ft of depth. Moreover, it can pump 2000 gallons of water per hour at the depth of 0ft. You don’t have to worry about the water clogging inside the basement during power outrage.

This pump has been connected with a wet cell battery which requires no maintenance for a long time. Besides, the battery is programmed to get charged automatically and prevent overcharging. It keeps the system fully charged all the time for an instant response during a power failure.

The AGM battery of this backup system works better than the conventional lead-acid battery. Because, it requires no maintenance of removing corrosion, feeding with water, etc.

Overall saying, this battery backup sump pump system has a good potential to protect the basement from flooding during a power crisis.


  • Protects the battery from external impact
  • Easily installable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Quick responsive


  • No remote monitoring ability
  • Exposed to come in contact with liquid

5. Zoeller 508-0005 Aquanot 508 – Best Sump Pump with Battery Backup

Zoeller 508-0005

The Zoeller Fit 5080005 comes with a complete package for backing up your basement sump pump facility. It possesses everything required to keep the water on track even after a serious power failure.

Its DC sump pump can provide a high-performance backup for continuous 6 hours. Each of the pumps has been tested to deliver 35 GPM at 10 ft at 12.7 volts. Therefore, it shields the failure of the primary pump during extreme weather conditions or power outbreaks.

This battery and pump combination has been engineered with automatic charging, activation, and protection systems. Besides, there is a low battery indicator and alarm system if something goes south.

The self-testing feature will provide you with ease. Its entire package runs a status checking check and sends the report directly to the owner via wifi. Therefore, there is no need to manually inspect and troubleshoot the problems. This saves both time and energy.

You will get a battery case with dimensions 13″(330mm) Lx7-1/2″(191 mm) Wx9-1/2″(241 mm) H. That can accommodate any wet-cell battery having a size of 27, 29, and 31. This gives you the authority to replace the existing battery with a more powerful one if needed.

Moreover, the battery case is made of non-corrodible Polyethylene which ensures premium security to the electrical components from fluids.

For a quick and easy installation process, you will be getting a pre-set DC pump check valve for discharge measurement. With those, you will get an AC pump check valve, adapter, and a tee. As a result, calling a pro for installing the system to the existing sump pump won’t be needed.

The Z-control panel gives you the total authority to check, control and run diagnostics to the entire system conveniently. No extra instruments are required for doing these.

In the end, we can say that the Zoeller 508005 is compatible with small houses in remote areas especially the houses situated in disaster-prone locations.


  • Self-running backup system
  • No manual operation required
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Can be acquainted with extra battery
  • Quick installation process


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Lower depth limit

How Does a Battery Backup Sump Pump Work?

How Does a Battery Backup Sump Pump Work

A battery backup system for the existing sump pump is generally a secondary power source. This power source activates immediately when the primary power gets cut for some reason. The system becomes a power bridge.

While the primary AC output gets down, the battery backup system becomes activated. It helps to keep the pump running for a while till the main lines get restored.

After restoration, the system automatically switches from DC to AC. Now, the battery starts getting charged for gaining maximum capability, and alongside running the pump as well.

Is a Battery Backup Sump Pump Worth It?

Emergency battery backup sump pump is worth it if you stay in rural areas, the outskirts of a city. And it is quite mandatory if your house is located in natural disaster-prone areas where frequent power cuts are quite normal.

While a sudden power outbreak during heavy rain, the sump pump stopped working. The water clog takes place immediately if the overflow happens. These are very harmful to the basement, and infrastructure of the house. Financial damage also takes place.

It is important to get a battery backup system to keep your sump pump running during a power failure. It will track and control the water flow smoothly for about 6-8 hours of continuous pumping.

How Long Does a Battery Backup Sump Pump Last?

The duration of lasting the battery backup depends upon the usage of the pump and the power output of the battery.

If you want continuous pumping with the integrated battery, you will get about 6-7 hours of pumping during a power cut. With discontinuous pumping, the time can be stretched to about 1-3 days depending upon the usage.

How to Install Battery Backup to Existing Sump Pump?

There are two types of backup systems available for the existing sump pump. One type comes with a battery and a portable sump pump in form of a combined package. On the other hand, only an emergency battery system is available that can be installed as a bridge between the AC line and pump.

All these come with connecting cables which can be used to connect between the AC wall socket and the existing pump. Following the given procedures you can easily install the battery backup.

  • Firstly, select a suitable space on the wall or aside from the existing pump where you want to install the backup system.
  • Make sure the wall socket and backup units are in OFF condition. Make connections with the AC socket and the pump properly.
  • The check valve and float switches should be installed properly.
  • Switch on the backup system and test the installation before activating the entire system.
  • Keep all the cables and connections away from the water flow to avoid unwanted accidents

How to Choose the Best Battery Backup Sump Pump—Buyer’s Guide

You will get to know the mandatory things a battery backup system should have to provide maximum effectiveness to your sump pump.

Durable Body Construction or casing

Considering the backup system possesses both battery and integrated sump pump. Then it is better to look for a metal framework-made housing of the battery casing. Aluminum-made bodies are the best because they are lightweight and anti-corrosive as well.

Again, if the battery comes confines in a casing then the casing should be made of heavily dense polyurethane. This material will keep the battery safe from external impacts and avoid fluids entering the electrical component of the system. Besides, it makes the installation process easier compared to mounting.

Battery and pump performance

The battery should be of 12 V AGM type. These are more powerful than conventional lead-acid or deep cycle batteries. Besides, these require less maintenance and refilling of the acid or distilled water from time to time. A strong battery can easily run a 0.5 HP pump for 5-6 hours continuous pumping. The terminals of AGM batteries are less corrosive as well.

If there is an integrated backup of the pump, then it should at least have 3000GPH capacity within 0-10ft of depth. The pump should be a minimum of ½ HP which can easily be run by the battery power. The water sucking depth should be 22ft minimum.

Electrical and Digital features

Nevertheless, the backup system has a pump or not, it must possess an automated system activation system. There must be a digital control panel to show the readings of the system. In this way, you can check and keep track of the system’s health and take necessary action if required.

The system should have the feature to switch from AC to DC automatically. It will help to initiate the restart of the pumping system without any loss. This helps to minimize the time of AC to Dc transformation and start up the system manually.

If the budget is no big deal, you should get the Wi-Fi-enabled battery backup sump pump system. They synchronize the system to your smartphone. You can easily and remotely monitor the status. This will keep you up to date about the battery health, water level, charging level, replacement, etc. You won’t need to climb down the basement to get those readings.

Quick and Safe Installation

Sump pumps remain located in a confined basin under the basement of a residential unit. The battery backup system you will be getting must be compact in size. The unit should be both walls mountable and surface mountable. Besides, the pump should have a dual float switch to the convenient attachment.

The weight of the entire system should be below 40 pounds for quick maneuverability. Its connections should factory preset quick assembly without requiring any tool.


Getting a sump pump battery backup system is a good option for sudden power outbreaks in a residential unit. This helps to keep the water flow constant and prevents overflow inside the basement. But, getting a backup system for the existing pump can be tricky because it depends upon a lot of factors such as space and budget.

If you want a budget-friendly best battery backup for existing sump pump system, the Pump Sentry 822 will be a good option. Because it takes only 3 seconds to switch from AC to Dc and has a powerful 12V battery with extensional capability.

On the contrary, if you got no budget problem, then the Wayne WSS30VN and PUPMSPY PS2000 combined models are premium picks. These have an integrated sump pump system that resides alongside the main pump. Therefore, it is installable more easily without making new connections.

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